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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wrigley's Gum

I am not a gum chewer, and prefer for the kids not to chew gum. But once in a while we splurge and let them get gum.

Well, that has ended. I was checking out the ingredients to see what was in the Wrigley's NON SUGAR FREE GUM...

I have that capped because I have NEVER EVER allowed any of our 7 children to have any form of diet food or ASPERTAME, which is POISON!

Well, to my surprise, in the REGULAR Wrigley's gum, along with regular sugar, there was Aspertame!

I am mad about this, and SHOCKED! Why are they putting aspertame in gum as well as sugar? I have no idea, but I do plan to write the company and let them know we will not chew their gum....

For those who don't know, there is a definite relationship between Parkinson's Disease, MS and Aspertame!

Golly I'm angry about this.


Rebecca said...

that's weird. I thought it was only in sugar free gum! It does seem completely unecessary. =P I'm finding that I absolutely have to read all labels anymore. I just bought regular motts apple sauce without realizing that one of the first ingredients is high fructose corn syrup. Ugh! We'll use this up, but we won't be buying it again. Have you read "Omnivores dilemma"? I read some of it. The guy who wrote it really has the right idea, I think.

Anonymous said...

Funny Mom:)

Christie M said...

Becca, I need to read that. :)

So which one of my Noelles' thinks I am funny? LOL

Melissa E. said...

I like to mix hot cocoa mix into my morning coffee. Yesterday I bought a brand I don't usually buy. On occasion I have mistakenly bought the "Light" variety. Since I don't eat that stuff and can't stand the taste anyway, I always just throw it out. But this time after tasting that off-sugar taste I checked the can of mix. No, it wasn't the "light" variety. So I read the ingredients. In addition to regular sugar, the last ingredient was sucralose (Splenda). Ugh! I was mad about that and not only because it interfered with my morning cup of get-up-and-go! Why don't they just label the can if they are going to change the MAIN ingredient (yes, first on the ing. list was 'sugar')? Not only that but the side of the can says something to the effect of, "Enjoy the old-fashioned taste of hot chocolate..." Pshaw.

Christie M said...

UGH! Melissa, you have got to be kidding! Now I have more to read... grocery store trips are gonna take a lot longer!

I am NOT going to give my kids that stuff. Makes me so mad that they are now "slipping" it in...WHY? are they doing this?
It makes no sense.

Emily Minich said...

Where is the research on aspartame being bad? I know there are a lot of stories going around, but where is the scientific research? I'd like to know, because I guess that would be a reason to kick my gum addiction. :)

Christie M said...

Hey Ems,

You can start here:
and then, just google aspartame research and you could probably read the rest of your life. :)

Where is the research, the same place the pharmacy companies put research that disagrees with Chemotherapy as a good option or agrees that nutrition just might help a person be healthy. It is litigated, placed under lock and key and those who disagree with the powerful big guys are made to look like fools, idiots and worse, and their reputations are ruined.
Don't forget, some of them are GENUINE Medical Doctors with full credentials, that have been stripped because of $$$$.

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