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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Access to my blog

I was trying to get onto my blog and kept getting denied. Google said I had no account. ????
I finally went directly to gmail and signed in for mail and then switched over to blog and I got in.
Anybody else having that kind of trouble or was it a fluke?


Unknown said...

I had similar issues the last few days. I now usually take the Gmail--everything else route, as usually my iGoogle acts up when I try to log in straight to that.

My web guru brother says that it might be browser related. When this happens, clear cookies, clear cache, and then have a drink of something and buy a new computer. :-)(If I heeded his advice, I'd be buying several computers a day.)

Christie M said...

Hmmmm. Hevel, you aren't a mac user too are you?
I love macs but am running into more and more issues.

Lately, can't get onto Christine's blog. Freezes up my computer.

Tracy said...

I find that google runs fine for a week or two and then for a few days I will battle to log in, keep getting bland pages etc and then suddenly it will start working fine again. I dont have a mac, my pc is quite old, but still has lots of memory and works fine otherwise!

Unknown said...


No, not a Mac. However, that is what my brother is trying to get to buy. We do have a Mac in the family, and it runs fine with Safari.

I find that actually clearing cookies, cache and forms and passwords in IE 7+ resolved the Google problem, and with Firefox a log out of Google and getting back through Gmail helps.

Christie M said...

I cleared cookies, cache and history, and things are going much better!

I have a little PC for the first time, but it is lap top, and I'm using it specifically for a writing project.
PC's are much easier to use than they used to be.
I still love my Macs.

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