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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our New Doctor

Yesterday, we headed to our New Doctor. I don't think if we searched for a century, we could have found a better fit in a doctor. And the good thing is, this one is young, and no where near retirement. LOL

We were supposed to go for well visits sometime in November, but instead the flu hit.
I was so worried about Strep infection.(due to Erika still having a sore throat) So I emailed the new doctor last Saturday, asking if it were possible to get in to see him on Monday. Not only did he respond, he even gave his cell number if we needed it over the weekend. AND we weren't even official patients yet!

He was caring and careful with the girls and they really were relaxed. I just loved it that his office is in a fabulous old house filled with antiques and beautiful wood floors to make you feel welcomed.
I also LOVED it that he is an M.D. and open to alternative medicine too. For the first time visiting an M.D., I didn't have to explain what colloidal silver was, or homeopathy, and watching them roll their eyes, or not using dairy for Anna or anything.... for the first time in my life, we were totally on the same page!
There is a best of both worlds,(allopathic and homeopathic) after all. :)

The only thing I had to inform him on, was what Arthrogryposis was. He is after all a Family Doctor, not an orthopedic specialist. Erika's condition is rather rare.

As we were leaving, he also gave hope that there is something he can do with this shoulder of mine. That, I will find out next week, though, in the middle of the night, I was kicking myself for not making an appointment sooner. So until next week, I live with hope of a full night of sleep uninterrupted with serious pain.

So if anybody in bloggy world is looking for a great doctor, try Dr. Chartrand!


Anonymous said...

Ha Mom I like the Doctor to. He was very nice to me and my sisters. I like his office.
I love you Mom.

Erika Minich

Rebecca said...

yay! Glad to hear that in case we move back. We are so happy with our dr. (Nancy), so I've always been scared to leave her, knowing it won't be easy to replace her. This guy sounds like a good place to start!

Melissa E. said...

A long drive for us but he sounds just right! Glad you finally found Dr. Right!

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