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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tradition! TRADITION!

The weather is definitely cooler, and everywhere we go, there are hints of fall , Harvest decorations are everywhere, and we have even seen hints of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The girls are giddy with excitement at this time of year, and old sad memories have faded. New memories have taken over, and those memories are happy, positive ones.
This didn't happen by accident. We have striven hard to make new memories for our girls.

Our first event will be the Annual Reformation Party complete with over 100 people and loads of food and fun, including a Pinata! Because we do not celebrate Halloween, and Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis on the Door at Wittenburg, on October 31.... it is a great and real celebration of the Birth of the Reformation.

Next is Thanksgiving. We love Thanksgiving time, and we will start a new tradition this year at our new church. A Sunday Evening Thanks Giving Potluck. The girls love the familiar foods and getting together with friends and family. We have certain decorations that come out, and they look forward to seeing them. We also pass around a bowl and everybody has 2 kernals of corn.
As we pass the bowl, we say 2 things we are thankful for and put the kernals in the bowl. When everybody is done, we say our Thanksgiving Prayer for our meal.

I remember both Anna and Sarah had such traumatic memories at Christmas, the first year we put the Christmas tree up, when both of them were home, I actually discussed with Mike, the possibility taking it down, as it was causing such heartache for them.
My Mike wisely said, no. We need to create new memories, and it will take time. You cannot get away from Christmas, it is everywhere. He was so very right.

One of the Traditions we had with our boys was making Christmas cookies with hooks baked into them. We had an assembly line of little decorators and they loved hanging them on the tree, and then eating them off. :)
We did this every year, for as long as they could remember, and still do it to this day.
The girlies have now taken over the cookie decorating assembly line, but I was thinking about calling for a cookie baking day so the guys and their kids could come over and help.
Hmmm. What an idea! :) I still have the secret recipe we developed over the years.

Some of the things we have done with the girls to promote new and positive memories have been, going to a Musical, going to a special movie (if one is playing) Making crafts, and certain foods of the season. Making special gifts, and getting to choose a new ornament for the tree.

The ornament thing seems to be a real biggy for them. They LOVE getting out the Christmas decorations and visiting their old ornaments. They get so excited and say, "There it is! That's the one I picked 3 years ago!!!!" I love seeing those smiling faces. The night the tree goes up
we get to watch our first Christmas movie too.

We love to sing Carols of the season together and to drive around at night and see all the beautiful decorations.

We also pick a family to bless each year, and the girlies get to pick special things out for that family. They love giving the gifts and food to the chosen family.

What are some of the traditions you have?


Diana said...

This is a great post! I've been thinking a lot about this subject myself and can see that others have as well. I've read a couple of other posts similar to this today. There must be something in the air.

Rather than leaving a lengthy comment here about what we do, I'm going to do a similar post over on my blog hopefully sometime later today.

Christie M said...

HI Diana,
I'll come over for a visit! :)
Coffee at 3 ??? :)
Me in my kitchen and you in yours. LOL

Brenda said...

Say,I added a link to this post at my blog, along with one to Diana's. Can't get to much info on it!

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