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Friday, October 30, 2009

We Have Done the Unthinkable!

We gave Erika her own room.

All 3 girlies have shared the same room for 3 and a half years, since Erika came home from Ukraine.
It has worked very well.

But something has happened. Erika, being the oldest by 5 months 1 week and 1 day, has decided that listening to Hank the Cow Dog CD's to go to sleep is not her thing anymore. The closet light is no longer necessary, and it keeps her awake. But Sarah still needs the closet light for comfort, and Anna and Sarah LOVE Hank.

She has not demanded anything, but gently asked a few months ago, to which I said, I would pray about it.

So the time came. She quietly started moving her things into the guest room to make it her own.

Anna and Sarah realized what she was doing before I could sit them down and talk about it, and the tears started to flow. They were so sad she was moving down the hall. Anna said, "Doesn't she like us anymore?" Sarah said,"I pinky promised not to get mad if she takes too much blanket!"

No dears, she is growing up, just like you!
So I explained the plan.

IF we could knock a wall down between the 2 rooms and make one GIANT room we would. I would also cut out the ceiling into the attic to make a fabulous loft that looked down on their room, as we have a full attic... but that isn't practical right now.

So for 6 months, Erika has her own room. In May, it will be Anna's turn, and Erika will move back in with Sarah, and then 6 months later, it will be Sarah's turn, (to which Sarah said, NEVER! Please don't make me have my own room) LOL

So our experiment has begun in ernest. They are fixing their new homes up, and Anna came in to announce that Erika was listening to "Christian Rock". LOL

I think this will give them the best of both worlds, both learning to share and learning to live in their own room. Except Sarah of course. :-)


Diana said...

We are so NEEDING to separate our boys. There is 4.5 years between them and sharing a room is no longer working at all. The only time they can both be in there at the same time is when they are in their beds. We can't wait to be able to finish our basement so Amanda can have her nice new room down there and we can move Matthew to her current room.

It is a tad frightening when we realize how quickly they are really growing up, isn't it?

Unknown said...

I wonder if in a year's time Sarah won't be excited to have her own room!

When we moved we chose an apartment with three bedrooms for the boys.

Whatever, they thought, and they are sharing a room with a nice loft. My eldest has the loft, the twins share teh "downstairs". They all have their separate corners, but they are all together.

mommajeane said...

It sounds like a sensitive and heatfelt choice that will be some adjustment but will work. Sometimes it is painful when our kids grow up even for them. I know our daughter, Mary Kate who is a mom and married now at times just wants to be back as a little girl...

Christie M said...

She had asked about 6 months ago, and we asked her to pray about it, and that it could not be a decision made to "get away" from anybody.

I think her heart is in the right place, so we decided to go for it.

This a.m. the other 2 were busy fixing their room up too.

Of course, tonight is Friday night, so they all have a sleep over on cots in OUR room. :)

Christie M said...

Your kids arrangement sounds exactly like what I would love for our girls.
It just isn't affordable right now.
The rooms share a common wall, and at the end of our hall is a linen closet. My eventual plan is to knock out the ceiling, put a stair well in where the linen closet is, and have a huge play area, library that overlooks the girlies room. There would be plenty of room in there to where somebody wouldn't have a closet light shining in their face if they wanted to sleep. :)
When 3 of our boys were left at home, we moved onto 9 acres and a 2 bedroom mobile home. Our 3 teenage boys figured out exactly how to sleep in the right order to not disturb each other.
1 needed it light and noisy. One needed it dark and quiet, and one needed it quiet with a reading light. They solved their problem by staggering bedtimes. I thought they were rather clever AND sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Mom thanks for my room,I don't know if I well be able to give up my room.I love the room. Thank you so much.I love you and dad.Talk to you latter.

Erika Minich

Anonymous said...

This is not a spelling lesson, this is not a spelling lesson, this is not a spelling lesson.

I love you too! :)
Talk to you latter. :P

ann clary said...

I love it. I shared a room with my two sisters- one three years younger, one 11 years younger than I- till I was 16. When I finally got my own room it took about 2 weeks befoe i was "sleeping over" in their room and they would "sleep over" in mine. We were together so much it hurt to be apart.
I think your idea about rotating is clever, good, and creative. I think it will balance things out--and I also think the time will come when Sarah will want her own room for a season. So sweet.

Melissa E. said...

Haha! GIRLS!!

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