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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gramma Names

One time, my daughter in law and son asked me what I wanted to be called by the kids.
I didn't mind, being called Gramma or Grammy or Grandmother, or anything as long as it was nice. :)

I have been thinking this over and there are a WHOLE lot of gramma names out there.

One thing I DON'T like, is when my girls get confused, as we have this large family and when the grand girls are over start calling me gramma. They don't do it to tease, because sometimes I say, "can you get gramma that pen?" or something along those lines.... then I say mom, then we all laugh.....

SOoooo, I have been thinking about gramma names.
I hope they don't hate it, but I really have decided to get called something fun.
I want to be called "Ya-Ya".... it is greek for Grandmother.
So it is a real gramma name. But I find it to be affectionate and fun.
Kids, is that ok?
You can respond in private. LOL
Yep, your mama is crazy.


Anonymous said...

Since I was a young step-grandma at 34, so I opted for the derivative "Omi" from the German "Oma". Most people think it is my name, rather than me being a Grandma.

Our son, will unconsciously call me "Julie"when my step-daughter is home...and he also slips and calls me "Omi" when the grandgirls are over, lol.

Then there are kids like my cousin at 4 y.o. that he could get his mother's attention immediately, if he called her, "Phyllis" instead of mom! %O

Rebecca said...

I love it! It suits you, and will be easy to introduce the name to Sam since he hasn't seen you for a long time. =) Besides, it's less confusing, since Sam has 3 sets of grandparents! Does dad still want to be called grandpa?

Christie M said...

I just talked to him. Greek for Grampa is Papou. (POP-POOH)
He liked that. :)

So we are Ya ya and Papou! :)

Unknown said...

Funny thing, my step mom is almost 3 years younger than my eldest brother, and only 12 years older than me. Yet she is a step-great-grandma to a boy who is 2 weeks older than her own baby son. So the naming thing is also very confusing thing in my family. The younger kids call her grandma in Yiddish, the older ones call her grandma in English.

Claire said...

My school friends grandma's were Mo Mo ( Norwegian) and Barbie (from Babushka)

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