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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Confusing Label.... continued

Before I blogged about Walmart's "naturally gluten free" sauce that possibly contains wheat.
The front label says, "a naturally gluten free food", but on the back, the newest label says, "possibly contains traces of wheat". THAT is NOT gluten free!

So today, I was more careful. I really am picky about where my food comes from. I always assumed, since tomatoes are so easy to grow in the South, and Bentonville Arkansas is where the food is prepared, it would seem I was eating Arkansas tomatoes.... but no.... my tomatoes are coming from CHINA! I won't drink apple juice that is not fresh, because IT comes from China, and now the tomatoes come from China too?

Wow, we have gone from electronics to apple juice and tomatoes!

Better yet, I LOVE chinese spices but have shied away from them because of where they come from. But today, I was eying this chili sauce. I looked to see where it was from, mind you, most of the label is in another language..... it is made in the U.S.A..... it doesn't say where it gets the Chili from, but it is certainly made in the U.S.A. LOL
Who would have thought?

How convenient that it is time to get ready for gardening..... I think tomatoes will be at the top of our list!


Unknown said...

Back in Budapest my Lebanese neighbor did an extensiv testing of products that are naturally gluten free, but might contain wheat. Turns out that for products that were packaged in country but originated from elsewhere the allergy warnings were always given, just to make sure, but no gluten was in any of the products. So it's a better be safe than sorry labeling practice.

Christie M said...

Hevel, that makes TOTAL sense. THe labels used to just say gluten free.... so because the source of the tomatoes can't be guaranteed, that is why they are putting the new warning.

I'd be more cautious about melamine contamination, after the baby milk and dog food scare came out.

Aren't labels fun? LOL

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