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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Gluten Free Label Rant

I have been gluten free now for over 3 years. It has transformed my digestive system and I am committed to being gluten free and not careless in my grocery purchases.

So, for a long time, I had found gluten free products at walmart. I wasn't thrilled with the sugar they put in tomato sauce, but hey, it was guaranteed gluten free. So now, the VERY SAME BRAND, with a new label, says at the bottom, "Naturally Gluten Free", but if you read the entire label, it says "manufactured in a plant that also processes wheat"..... ummmm, so how can it be gluten free? Oh I see, it is a "naturally gluten free food" before they process it.
Yea, I can grow a tomato and guarantee it is gluten free in its natural state....

This kind of labeling makes me crazy mad! They are messing with my life here..... I want to feel good. There have been several times that I have cooked and eaten food and then thought, I think I just had gluten, but couldn't figure it out..... I just wonder if the products have always had traces of gluten and now the labels match the truth?
I saw this same sort of label on Blue Diamond rice crackers. It shouts gluten free on the front of the box, but on the side of the box it states, that the crackers are made in a place that also manufactures products with wheat.

I wish folks would stop trying to get in on the gluten free market without being honest and wreaking havoc on millions of intestines across the nation!

Gluten FREE should mean EXACTLY THAT! No wheat, anywhere nearby, no glutens ANYWHERE nearby to cause a gluten free person harm.

On a good note: I am drinking a fabulous roasted tomato pepper soup made from Pacific Natural Foods.
Great taste and GUARANTEED gluten free!

Does anybody know of any tomato sauce that is guaranteed gluten free?
I would hate to have to grow and can that many tomatoes! Not with this shoulder anyway.


Unknown said...

With our foster son in Hungary we had to go gluten and casein free. It was an awful hard thing, because even the stuff that makes those green apples shiny... yeah, casein.

There is a gluten and dairy free family whose blog I read online, they might be able to give you brands that you can have.

Jodie said...

Celiac.com is a great website, since I have been trying by best to be gluten free since August of 2004. I wish Texas had "Trader Joe's", which is a great little market chain (not publicly traded) which sells many gluten free items and also items that are not artificially colored or flavored; safe foods like Whole Foods, but less expensive. Made in a facility that processes wheat may be different than made on equipment shared with wheat. I do buy things that state that it is from a facility that processes wheat but try to stay away if it states shared on the same equipment.The only way for us to be 100% safe is to grow it and make it ourselves. I do believe that many more things are probably safe, but my goal (maybe this year?, is to make most of it myself (Saturdays?) and buy less prepared sauces, etc.

Christie M said...

What tomato products do you use?
To grow that many tomatoes would be really hard!
Though, we do try to grow some every year.
We do have the room for a large garden.

Thanks for clarifying the manufactured in a plant that processes wheat.
We do have sprouts here, which I have heard is alot like trader joes.
I found gluten free vegan taquitos that were actually really tasty! :)

I cooked some black beans tonight for a dish for tomorrow.
The big thing will be trying to figure out how to stay as vegan as possible.
(doc wants me to go totally vegan too)

This should be interesting. :)

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