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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sarah Hit the Big 60!!!!

Sarah was promised a few months ago, that when she hit 60 lbs, we would head for Chuckee Cheese to celebrate! She has such an active little body, and eats like a peanut about a million times a day.
Her food choices are fabulous, but not quite the types of food that would make one gain weight. LOL
She LOVES vegetables and fruits and fresh grains. For breakfast, eating a cucumber is her idea of wonderful. :)

Soooo, she is still pretty tiny for a 10 year old.

She has worked very hard at ignoring mom slipping whole heavy cream in her milk, and giving her extra butter for her bread. And finally, this week, she weighed 60 for the whole week!

So, she ran around Chuckee Cheese like a little ping pong ball, and managed to eat 2 pieces of pizza in the process! Good Girl!

Mom and Dad, Katie, Erika and Anna, enjoyed the trip and playing a few games too. :)

Here she is in her new favorite Ice Skating Pose.,...

Way to go Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

You never get what you want...

As a kid I used to be very tall and hungry because I was living in the country and I used to spend all my free time playing outside skating and riding my bike. My mum used to serve my food in small dishes to make it look like it was a lot, my pediatrician was afraid that my growing too fast could affect my joints. I was always suntanned and the picture of healt, never had a fever or a cold. Now I'm 35, since I was a teenage I refuse to eat a lot, I'm pale and skinny, often I get colds and cough because of the pollution of Milan's air, plus my mum begs me to at a little more, pleeeease, for mummy! every time we eat togheter. (She used to be a very skinny child, now she polihes the dishes)

Have fun with your girls!


mommajeane said...

Way to go Sarah! We had a great time at Chuckie Cheese in January. You have the perfect ballerina pose.

Christie M said...

I was a chubby toddler until I was about 5. Then I got really active, and was a tiny skinny kid that turned into a tall skinny kid. LOL
Now I am tall, but not skinny anymore, and the less I eat, it doesn't seem to matter. LOL

Sarah is most likely going to be a tiny little dancing girl. She is beautiful just as she is. :)
She is healthy and most of the time, never sick.
She had a sickly early life, most likely because of no fresh air. But now, she is great!

Anonymous said...

I asked my mom, I was 60lbs at 4 and 1/2! eeekkk

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