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Friday, January 8, 2010

So Far in the New Year... EVERYBODY

has been sick!
It's like we have the plague or something! Fevers, high blood pressure acting up, urinary tract infections, shoulder problems, colds, back problems, and the list goes on! We need relief.
If you are inclined to pray, please do.

As a plus, Our pipes are frozen under the house, due to unusually cold weather.
It is 17. It was 16 earlier and they don't expect it to get above 27 for the next couple of days. Back to the teens in the morning.
Here is Anna going out to take care of the goats. :)
Mike put a heater under the house all night, and we have warm water starting to drizzle.
We are concerned about what is going to happen when it gets above freezing on Sunday.

We are so thankful for our wood stove that is keeping us warm. :)

So, with all this what do we do?
We trust the Lord. That is all we can do. He knows, and we know He knows.
Headed to the Dr at 2:10. Please pray.


Unknown said...

I hope everyone will get better soon!

Diana said...

Water starting to drizzle is a good thing. Keep a small, steady trickle running at the faucet furthest from where the water enters your house (where it has to travel through the most lines to get to the tap.) When they do defrost, turn all your faucets on slowly and one at a time until there is no more air in the lines. Then flush your toilets. Keep the trickle of water running in the farthest sink faucet until daytime temps are above freezing and nighttime temps are at least in the high 20's again. All those things combined will help releieve pressure on your water lines and minimize the potential for damage.

Frozen pipes don't necessarily mean damage will result. Things may be just fine once they are defrosted. My pipes in my old house froze at least 5 or 6 times every winter and we never had any damage. It just depends on where the ice block really is, how much pressure is behind it, and various other factors, including which direction the sun decides to come up in the morning.

Once the water does come on, pay attention not only to the lines in your house, but in your yard as well. Watch out for soft spots in the area around your water main (where the meter is or if you're on a well, where the well starts) and then along the main line coming off that point that carries the water into your house.

As for the inside of your house, make sure you know where the main water shut-off valve is. If you hear a hissing sound or see water where it shouldn't be once your water if flowing again, immediately turn off the water at this point to prevent further damage and call a plumber.

Other than that, hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Christie M said...

Thanks SO MUCH Diana!
I love bloggyworld. :)

I had to go to the Doctor again today. This time, for the first time in my life I have a Urinary Tract Infection. One less thing to do in life before I die. :)

Christie M said...

It was too late for one pipe.
Mike fixed it. YEA FOR MY MAN!

We found out that somebody, who will remain unnamed for life, unplugged something under the sink, that is a heater for the pipes in the winter.
SO, that got plugged back in, the pipe fixed, and the water started to flow once again. It is only 24 right now, and expected to be about 11 in the a.m.

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