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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anybody Ever Wonder Where Canola Oil Comes From?

Since I have been reading that Canola oil is really good for you, and it is MUCH cheaper than Olive Oil, I started using it. Then, I got to wondering, "what in the world IS Canola oil? Where does it come from?
Sooo, I googled. :)

This is what I found out!

Canola oil actually comes from the Rapeseed Plant. I'm kinda glad they changed the name, even though it is a rather pretty plant.
That had to do with the Canadians though. Canadian Oil Low Acid. Apparently, from what I read, the Canadians discovered the use of rapeseed as a great oil source.

However, the Asians have been eating the entire plant for years. They use it in cooking and for oil. The plant is part of the "mustard plant" family.
I didn't ever find out if the seeds are as small as mustard seeds. :)


Unknown said...

I just can't use Canola oil. It has a weird taste. :-( That said, I think olive oil also tastes a tad odd. I grew up with sunflower and corn oil.

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing. I've honestly never given it a thought, even though I've been using canola oil for quite some time. I did, however, start using it for the same reason you mentioned, $$$, plus, it has a lighter taste than olive oil, which makes it much better for general cooking and baking. I still use olive oil for some things, though...like when I saute veggies or something like that.

Christie M said...

I like light olive oil, but the real heavy dark stuff is too aromatic for my taste buds.

I have been trying my hand at stir frying, and I have found sesame oil to be really good. It sort of gives a nutty flavor to rice. (Basmati rice)

Anonymous said...

oh yes, it is really good for your healt, some years ago I used to have really bad headaches and stomachache with no real reason, my belly also used to be very swollen, I tryed everything, diet, no red meat, then no more beans or peas, then no bread or carbohydrates, noting seemed to work. Then an ayurvedic physician showed up at my yoga class, and with a spoonful of canola oil every night... problem solved!

Anonymous said...

You all seem not to like too much olive oil... olive oil from tuscany... I would drink glasses of it. Best snack ever in Italy: home made dark bread, olive oil, salt and winegar... mmmmmm

Christie M said...

You are becoming a true TEXAN.... saying "you all". :)

One of my favorite "pre gluten-free" things to do, was to get Italian or French Crusty bread and dip them in olive oil, that had crushed pepper, red pepper, garlic and oregano..... Ahhh that was great. :)

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