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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Old House

The girlies and I went to the old house with Mike, to fix it up for selling. There is still much to do, and not much I can do but be a good conversationalist and sweep things. :)
My body is not ready for hard work, but my heart is there. Does that count?
Anyhoo, Mike likes the company. :) And the girls loved the idea of stopping at Chick Filla on the way.
Mike and I bought that house the year after we married. We leased it the first year, and in fact, we got married in the den. I moved in 6 weeks before we got married, and he just visited for dinner. :)
We raised all of the boys there, we have good memories of that old house. As I was walking through, all these memories flooded in, and while a white tile floor may not mean anything but extra mopping to one person, it means more to me. My husband layed that floor. Our friend Chris and he grouted it. He handmade the wooden countertops in the bathrooms, and his dad and he put in the front door and shower.
I think that is part of the reason it has been hard for him to let go. We have wanted, or I should say, NEEDED to sell for a long time.
But now, the time has finally come.

It was funny watching the girlies run through there and see how really small that house is compared to where we are today. (1,300 sq. ft. compared to 1900 sq. ft.)
They were saying, "Wow, I can't believe all of you lived in such a small house!" I never thought our house was small. Actually, I like SMALLER to LARGER.... it is much easier to live simply, and not collect "stuff".
The home we have now is larger, which means more stuff can fit in. :)
Smaller is easier to keep clean! I could not imagine having to clean a larger house.
I can barely keep up with what I have now!

I always have this secret IKEA dream of a way to live in smaller sq. footage and be clever about where everything is placed. :) I love their 500 sq. ft. apartment displays. :)

Anyway, we are finally going to let the old house go. I say goodbye to that old house with fond memories and pray that the next people who live there, will love and care for it as we did when we were there, and that there will be laughter and love throughout that home.

It is time to move on. :)

(the picture is not our old house, but the one 5 doors down that looks similar. I don't have a pic of ours)

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Nan and Dan said...

Hi Christie! I found your blog through Diana.
We just got our SDA appt for 3/11. We are adopting a 6 yr old with AMC. I would love to be able to talk to you about it!! Thanks so much :)
nkt dft at yahoo dot com

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