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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Annual Spring Break Zoo Trip

I took the girls and grand girls to the zoo once again this year. I am so glad Katie still wants to go, even though she is almost 14. I still like to go too! Since zoo food is majorly expensive, we stopped at Taco Bueno before we went in.

Anna was laughing so hard, telling me about a part of the book she is reading.
I love it that she really likes her books. She is a true Gilbert Morris Fan!Lillian played it safe this year on the carousel. She sat on the bench with me. :)
Last year, she was so funny. I took this video of her.

Here is Sarah waiting to go in and feed the birds. :)
This year, we did something knew. We fed birds in the bird exhibit. I was amazed that the zoo keeper knew each bird's name individually, and said he memorized them by their feather patterns. :)

Lillian was a little scared at first. After all, how often does a bird land on your head? LOL
But she pulled herself together and fed birds. :)

I think her favorite place was in this giant Dinosaur Egg. :)

Anna is a good bargainer. She stumped the information guy this year. He didn't know what kind of skull she brought, other than it was some type of bird skull. She then told him rather matter of factly that her MOTHER killed this bird, we buried it, and then she dug it up to bring to him. LOL

Of course his next question was quite appropriate, I thought..... "Did he taste good?" :)


Rebecca said...

Wish Sam and I could have come. Looks like a fun time! We enjoyed going to that zoo... my favorite part is the river where kids can play. (Not really that zoo related, but fun!)

I love Kate's haircut! So flattering on her.

Anonymous said...

Everyone (but you guys)told us to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo because the Dallas on was no good. Well, I liked it! The place where you could trade your nature finds was worth the price of admission, lol...and the items truly change daily. I think working there would be great...but I am neither smarter than a 5th grader...nor Anna for that matter. How awesome that she stumped him! So, Christie, WHY did you kill the bird???

Christie M said...

IT was the head of our 45 pound Turkey. :)
We ate him.

Christie M said...

That was too long. You can do the search by looking up "The Big Guess".... that shows the Turkey. :)

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