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Monday, April 12, 2010

Can Anybody Identify this Cute Little Guy?

I say he's green. Mike says I 'm color blind. :)
Any Ideas? He doesn't look like a typical rat snake to me.


Anonymous said...

I am up because I cannot sleep...and I DID NOT NEED THIS! He looks remarkably like a copperhead to me, but I didn't noticeif his head is triangular enough to be poisonous...nor do I plan on taking a second look! Bleh!

Anonymous said...

Diamond Backed Water Snake? http://www.texassnakes.net/DiamondBacked.htm

Anonymous said...

eeekk! Did you find it in your garden/porch/home? I had never imagined Texas could be such a wild place!
P.S. According to me it is brown!

MoonDog said...

well its a......SNAKE! Im surprised you coudlnt tell! lol I know nothing of snakes. we dont have many where I live.

Tony and Dawn said...

I never take time to identify! I shoot them with rat shot from a 22 and cut them up - I HATE snakes! Someone once questioned my decision to kill them all because "some are good and kill rats/mice". My response - I'll get a rat trap.

Christie M said...

Our neighbors are exterminators... they agree with Julie and Chiara.... It is a diamond back water snake, AND I am color blind. LOL

Christie M said...

The first snake I ever encountered was 6 feet long and coiled around our baby chicks and eggs. I was paralyzed with fear. Called our local animal control and was told, "You are on your own, you live in the country!" So, I used a pitch fork to get him out of the coop, he was VERY aggressive. I chopped his head off with a machete', and then I cut him open to see how many eggs..8 eggs AND 10 baby chicks! Rotten thing.

That is the biggest one I have ever seen since.
The others have been about 4 feet. This guy was just a baby. Which means there are MORE!

Anonymous said...

uuaaaaa! Christie the ripper! You cut the other one open?!? Seriosly?!?

Jeri said...

He doesn't seem to have the viper shaped head and his eyes are the round pupil kind. I'd call your local...good grief, I can't think...not animal control but the wildlife and game folks. Looks like a rat snake to me.

Jeri said...

Sorry, that was a brain fart....agricultural extension agent could work too.

Rebecca said...

Mom...for just a gentle mother, you sure are a brutal snake killer. lol And you will also never live down your turkey photos.

Christie M said...

Ahh the famous Turkey photos. Live, then plucked, then stuffed, then roasted, then.... the left overs. LOL It was rather gross....

Today, Anna found an ant on her desk. She told the ant; "You have no idea who's desk you are on... I am the daughter of Christie the Animal Killer!" and then she squashed it. :) That's my girl!

Lorraine Fuller said...

I think all snakes should die. I tell my husband that it's biblical for me to hate snakes. Look it up, it's in genesis, it says emnity. LOL I would not get close enough for a picture.

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