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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Throwaway Society

This picture haunts me. Why? Because the little boy in this picture was found on a deserted gravel road about 2 miles from our home, DEAD.

All that is known is that he was about 6 years old. They do not know how he died yet.
He was a special needs child, who had evidence of a G-tube. A G-tube is used for children who are unable to eat on their own.

We live in a throw away society. I am usually a happy person, but not today. Today I am saddened that somebody took their baby and left him on a road by the lake. WHY?

The news paper went on to say how stressful it is to raise a child with special needs. They went on to say how 80% of marriages end in divorce when a child has special needs. They went on to say it is impossible of for a single parent to parent a child with special needs.

This sounds to me about like all the articles about the woman who sent her son back to Russia,because he had "special needs".

I'm telling you.... I am so tired of hearing how hard life is for those with "special needs." WE ALL have special needs. Some are more apparent than others. But along with those special needs children, come special blessings. But if we are too closed focused on ourselves and how WE are effected by them, we will never see the blessings a special child can bring to us.

I went to a party today at my Son and Daughter's house. Her sister was there with her 7 month old "special needs" baby. She is ADORABLE. She has Smith Lemli Opitz syndrome and has a new GTube. But this baby is LOVED. Deeply loved and cared for. Her mama is the best mama, and we both enjoyed talking about her new baby. She said she is a good baby and content. They are taking in stride what many would find devastating.

The life of a special needs child does not HAVE to be devastating. It is what it is, and it can be BETTER and BETTER!
It just depends upon what side of the coin you look.

When our son Tim was born, I could have looked at all the negative. Brain dead isn't that good of news. LOL He was declared brain dead. Obviously he isn't or he wouldn't be teaching high school. :)
We decided to take it one day at a time. He was considered retarded.... He does have some brain damage but is hardly retarded. He just doesn't fit in to the NORM of most.
Tim is a delight and always has been. So he didn't walk until he was old. So he didn't sit up until he was 2. So he didn't do many things others could. SO WHAT???

That didn't give me permission to leave him on a road to die! OR send him back! In my case, I couldn't send him back, he came from me! :) NOR WOULD I HAVE EVER WANTED TO SEND HIM BACK.

Our other daughters have special needs. It just makes life more interesting.
I am tired of people looking at special needs as the end of the world.
More accurately, it is the door to a whole new world with wonderful people that you never knew existed. AND, special needs children are WONDERFUL children.

They bring us joy and sunshine, if you open your heart and let them.

I feel so sad for this precious loss of life. I feel so sad that somebody in the paper tried to justify why his mother may have dumped him. Oh boy, that makes me angry.

GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK. This baby was not born to be thrown on the side of the road.
I hope He is in a better place. And I hope they find who did this.

If they had only reached out....
Whoever it is must have a huge burden on their heart. I hope they now reach out to
God for help.

If you recognize this baby, please call the Missing Children's hotline in your area and let them know. His story needs to be told. He needs to have a name.


Diana said...

I'm sick! That is a completely disheartening and horrible story! Even as a mom of some pretty intense kids and one who gets what it's like to live the life, I still can't wrap my head around someone actually doing something like this.

I'm also sick of hearing about the horrors of RAD and other special needs as well. Yes, they're hard. Yes, they are demanding. But the journey is worth it and so are the kids! Neither are without hope and quite frankly, neither is without help, either.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to find the correct words once again. It's unbelievable that parents would do this to a child... any child.

Anonymous said...
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:)De said...

So sad....

They should be able to identify him by the g-tube button left under the skin...it has a serial number on it.


AnnaTheAnimalWhisperer said...

De, thank you so much for that comment. You never know if one little piece of information can help identify somebody. I called your information into the national hotline. Hopefully it is helpful.
Thank you so much.
At least, he will have a name.

this is christie on Anna's account.
WE all need to remember to sign out. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think people make children with the same concern they buy a doll. Yesterday I took a walk downtown and I sat on a bench to enjoy the sunny day. A child screamed for her mama attention at least 20 times. You can't ignore your child when he calls you, you turn around to ask what he needs or you tell him to stop screaming for no reason, but you can't just ignore him because you are busy talking to your friends! Mothers like them make me really, really angry!

Anonymous said...

Very, very sad, indeed.

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