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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost Done With Testing!

If I have learned anything the last week and a half, it is that our girls think very differently from the test makers. :)

Here are two examples of what I am talking about.


She was given a map of a school (top view) and everything was labeled from the street to the parking lot, play ground, cafeteria, classrooms... etc.

She was asked, "Which classroom is located closest to the play ground?" There was a classroom that was right up against the wall to the playground. She didn't pick that one. (it was the correct answer) Instead, she picked a class that was the first class in the next hallway, that wasn't that close to the play ground. So I asked her why?
She said, because the door to the class room is in the hall way and you would have to walk all the way down that hall up the next and then turn to get to the play ground. The other class room is the one that if you walked out that dor, you would be there first! She was correct, IF you are thinking as a student being in a classroom. LOL

Howard had some metal shavings that he placed in a circle on a white sheet of paper.
He held a magnet over the paper and documented how many shavings he picked up at different distances. (there is a chart that shows ALL shavings picked up at 1/4 inch
most shavings at 3/4 inch, some a 1 inch and none at 3 inches.

The question was, at what distance did the MOST shavings get picked up. She answered 3/4 inch. I asked her about it. She said, they didn't say all, they said most and at 3/4 inch is when MOST got picked up! LOL

Ahhhh. we are almost done!

What ever happened to simple reading comprehension, vocabulary and math?


Annie said...

Oh, those are priceless!

Reminds me when my older children moved from Montessori to the Catholic school....sadly, there wasn't much in the way of understanding. Montessori is much more like homeschooling, particularly in that very small school. Lydia was given the task of correcting a set of eight different sentences. There were some grammar and spelling errors.

When I looked at the returned paper the teacher had written a great big "RE-DO". The sentences had originally been written one after the other and numbered, 1-8.

Lydia read them and realized that the sentences actually were about the same topic and combined, formed a paragraph. So, she put them together!

I loved it and thought she was quite a clever little lass. The teacher was not so interested in that, unfortunately, even when I pointed out the fact that it WAS a paragraph!

Diana said...

Tell Sarah I would have given the same answer :-)

Claire said...

That reminds me of when I was asked to draw tables of competitors playing chess in a tournament for the quarter finals, semi-finals, and final matches. I drew pictures of children playing chess. I couldn't understand why I had to do art in a math lesson!

Lydia Price said...

I just want you to know that you had an impact on me at the book fair. I was the nosey lady on the steps in front of the building. We just accepted the referral of a girl with several limb differences. We hope to get her in a few months. Thank you for sharing.

Christie M said...

That is so awesome Lydia! I really enjoyed talking with you. So glad you have moved forward!

I pray that the Lord prepares your hearts and your little girl's heart for the changes to come. :)

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