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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comment Moderation

I am going to have to add comment moderation. I didn't want to, but the commenter named this: 韋于倫成 continues to place advertisements for pornography and CHILD pornography on my blog. I am sure this is some type of computer generated thing, but even using the little letter verification doesn't work. Soooo, because it happens at LEAST once a month, and I have to catch it, I am going to use the moderation tool.

I don't want to take any chance that this sick person would get any business.
Which leads me to my next idea.

Can we all agree to pray for this individual or these individuals and for the innocent victims that they so sickly advertise, the lives ruined, the babies permanently damaged, and the souls that are so sick that they would desire a child for devious reasons?

This is a family blog. It is a HEALTHY family blog where moms and dads and children love each other and love God. I cannot understand of fathom the depths of despair that goes behind a post like what this person put on my blog.

There is another person that comments from somewhere in Asia, who's posts are always fine. But I have to google translate each time to make sure.

It is so sad. Please join with me to pray that these people would come to know Christ, and their lives would be changed.


Lorraine Fuller said...

I will join you in praying for these people.
Also I am a little jealous of your blackberrys!

Diana said...

Once again, you are an AMAZING lady! Yes, I will pray for these people. There is also another anonymous poster out there who is very anti-adoption, anti-family, and apparently anti anything that is virtuous, lovely, or honorable. I continue to have have my comments moderated because of this person - whom I also continue to pray for.

Holly said...

Wow! That's disgusting! No wonder you don't want that stuff on your blog! I'd be moderating comments too, in addition to looking into permanently banning their IP address/es.

Tony and Dawn said...

So very sad. It breaks my heart to know the young lives destroyed by these people. God has plans for those people.

Annie said...

Oh, HOW I detest comment moderation. And half the time when there is a verification tool it comes up so far beneath my screen that I miss it and go away only to figure out much later that my comment never registered.

But, I see your point of view. I get those occasionally, and used to diligently go back and erase them. But they always go to the same posts that were posted long ago, so I don't worry about it. I feel fortunate if someone reads my current post - let alone old ones.

But your goodness shames me. So, hopefully, I'll remember to pray for the perpetrator as I offer up my irritation!

Unknown said...

Well, comment moderation is the way to go, or installing Disqus with Akismet.

MoonDog said...

that happens on my road to sophie and ben blog which I no longer post on. I keep deleting them. if I could figure out how I would make no comments possible. it is really sad that people prey on those less powerful then themselves. very sad.

mommajeane said...

Your girls are so sweet to each other. I love reading about them. I too would love reading on my own bed... actually reading anywhere.

Christie M said...

Thanks so much for joining me in prayer. And I THINK I just figured out how to USE comment moderation. LOL
I noticed, no comments were made, then it said, you have 10 comments to moderate. LOL I forgot about that part. Sorry. :)

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