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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy For Joy

You may remember our friend Joy. I wrote a blog post titled "Sad for Joy" about 2 weeks ago. She was going to have to move away and didn't want to go.

Well, a MIRACLE took place! She told her family that she was happy where she was, and wanted to stay with her friends and with Mr. Phil, whom she loves.

They had a meeting with the nursing home also, and everybody agreed that Miss Joy can stay! She is so very, very happy!

Suddenly, all those pre addressed and stamped note cards no longer seem like a good idea. LOL

We are thrilled that she can stay and so is Mr. Phil....

Then, today, he talked about moving in with us when he is better. I told him, I didn't think it would be fair for him to move in with us and leave her behind at the nursing home after she stayed here for HIM! She said, "Yeah, you should stay!" And he said, Ok, I guess I will! LOL

Whew.... that was a big load off of my mind, because I know he wanted them to both move in with us, and there is no way we could manage all that.

So, I dropped off Sonic Cokes for them to sip, and I dropped off his notebook to keep mail and receipts in. He is well enough now to manage some of those things himself. He seemed excited to see some mail, even if it is all AARP junk mail and old bills. :)

I talked to them a little bit about the area. Neither of them were aware of how nice a location they are in. 2 blocks from them is a nice down town strip full of small shoppes and coffee stops....a few quaint restaurants, all within walking distance.
He is allowed to check himself in and out, and we are telling him now, once you get yourself walking again, just look where you could stroll!
He seemed excited at the idea of sipping coffee and playing checkers. :)

What a nice end to a potentially tragic situation.

What a nice ending to a very sad time!


mommajeane said...

Yeah! I am so glad to hear this. How very sweet to think that they each have one another now.

Annie said...

Wow! I am SO relieved! This whole situation was weighing on my mind (like I need things that have nothing to do with me doing that!)

How about fixing the notecards by replacing the present address with that of Miss Joy's relatives? Perhaps if they hear from her more regularly they'll feel better about having her far away from them.

Christie M said...

Annie, that is a great idea! I'll ask the nursing home for their address and then we can have labels made.

Anonymous said...


Mamita J said...

What a happy ending! :-)

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