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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Special Time

Tonight was Anna's special time to go out with me. We do this once a month with each of our girlies.

She was so excited to go, and as soon as we got into the van, the chatting began! In full, earnest swing, she chatted about everything from her favorite book, to where we were going to have dinner. :)

We picked a place we had never been to before. "Glorias". It is a Salvadorian restaurant and was quite good! We had an appetizer plate and shared it. The Fried Bananas were really delicious!

I was just sitting there admiring my daughter. She has changed so much from the baby 5 year old, full of rage, that we adopted 61/2 years ago. She was full of life and grins and the energy of a pre-teen with all the adorable expressions and phrases and animated hand motions. I fell in love with her all over again.

As we were deep in conversation, she mentioned the neighbor boy that moved away in the middle of the night. He didn't know he was moving, and had expressed how much he didn't like moving so much. His family was troubled. :( She expressed concern for him and at how sad his life was. Then, she stated, that he had thought about what it would be like to have to choose between living with a mother or a father. She said, "Mama, I couldn't choose like that!"

She said, "I would want you, because you are so fun. But I would also want daddy becasue he lets me be more "daring" than you do!" LOL

I said to her, that is why it is great to have a mom and a dad. We can balance each other out!
I reassured her that she would not have to choose between us. :)
She looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm happy!"

I know she is. I am happy too. I am happy that she has come so Very,VERY far. I am happy that she seem so settled and comfortable in her own skin. And I am happy that she is our wonderful, sweet, tweeny daughter. :)


Mamita J said...

Hi. My name is Julie. I'm a relatively new lurker to your blog.

It was very encouraging to hear that your raging daughter is now happy and well-adjusted at 6.5 years home.

We're at 2 years home and still in deep waters. Our 6.5 year old has a long trauma history and while she is generally kind and obedient, we still have major downward spirals that leave us desperate and fearful for the future.

I have many questions.

What worked? We love Beyond Consequences and Dr. Karyn Purvis' stuff. However, both of those are way harder to do than to think about. My patience wears so thin and I get so weary and tired of it all.

Did your daughter have a sudden turn-around or was it bit by bit? We made huge progress the first 6 weeks, and then the first 6 months, but it seems like we have stagnated at this level for a long time.

Well, I'll stop with that for now. :-) You can email me at mamitaj (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.

God bless,

Annie said...

How I wish Anastasia could hang out with your girls! Anna sounds like such a lovely person.

Christie M said...

Julie, You've got mail!

Annie, I wish I could be near all those I know through cyber space. It would really be neat. :)

Anna has come so very, VERY far, it is amazing.

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