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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The HomeSchool Countdown!

School Starts in 6 days! YEA!
We have decided to leave things as they are. The girlies didn't want to be in a school room all day, and Daddy concurred. So the next few days will be spent getting our "School AREA" ready. It is amazing how a lazy 6 weeks can turn into something like this!

I've gotta find room for all sorts of books and reference materials AND make it look neat. So, I guess my next few days will be a lot of reshuffling to different bookshelves around the house.

I LOVE books. I love hardbacks. I love the smell of them when we open them and the sound of the pages when you turn them. I don't think I could ever be an e-book person
as I need tangible touch to help me read. :)

I am really excited about this school year. I plan to introduce formal tests for history and science. Now that we are in 6th grade, it is time to get them ready for a more college prep type schedule.

Instead of notebooks to keep everything in, we are switching to a computerized schedule.
I will give them the assignments for the week, and then they will mark them off as done, and turn in all assignments in a folder with the schedule stapled to the folder.

This should be interesting. :)

We will also be starting a research paper for each semester. I will assign it the first week of school and they will be due before Christmas break. It will require writing and a project of choice.

It has been a really fun summer, and now, we are ready for a really fun school year!

No eye rolling allowed. (Erika is looking over my shoulder) LOL


Anonymous said...

I love your new way of school this year! It sounds like it will get some taking used to with the Girlies but I think they'll do great! Happy New School Year(:

Unknown said...

Woohoo, yay for school! My kids start back on September 1.

When you mean a research paper, will you assign something that ties together more than one subject (like History, Geography, Music, Art/Art History, R.E. etc), or will it be subject specific?

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