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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So I'm SUPPOSED To Be Green

Not green as in Kermit green.... but green as in caring about pollution and what we use and throw away green.

I have gotten lazy. It is SO EASY to just throw away plastic, paper, magazines, boxes, cans, instead of recycling. We have no recycle bins in our area. It would make it easier if we did. In FACT, I'm going to do a little research for our area and find out for sure that there is nothing.

Nobody around here recycles. They even dump cans and trash in our ditch when they drive by. Makes me think of the stereo types for country people are sometimes true. :(

One of my Biggest FAULTS in this area is to use paper plates. It has been my staple china for a while. I hate it, that I have used these instead of real dishes!

So I am turning over a new leaf! For the past week, we have used paper plates VERY sparingly and now, we are OUT! The dishwasher is getting filled with more plates than normal, and I'm glad to see it! I am hoping we all withdraw from our old "Chinette" to our new "China" (not real china, just Target dishes) and continue to care about how we can do our own part to care for our planet.

After all, God gave us this place to live. Shouldn't we keep it as neat and clean as possible?
Did you know it takes oil to make plastic containers?

I wonder, how much we really are dependent upon oil, and don't even realize it.
Is there a place I could find a list of products that use oil?
I think that would be a fun project for school.

I like learning right alongside the girlies. :)

Time to google!


Melissa E. said...

Burn the paper plates! Haha! There's some good ol' recycling for you!

I wonder about some kinds of recycling. Like you, I think it is ridiculous how much we toss and think "out of sight, out of mind" Of course, it goes somewhere!

On the other hand, and speaking of dependence on oil, a lot of recycling actually uses more energy than making new stuff. Seems to me that refillable containers would be the most eco-friendly. I try to keep that in mind.

I also want to get a burn barrel, something country folk are also known for. :-) Why dump cardboard boxes and old worksheets into the dump when I can just biodegrade them myself in my backyard? (actually, our free dump has different stations for plastic jugs and old appliances and cardboard boxes. and for now, I use them)

As it stands now, I don't recycle all that much. Just the bigger stuff. Something I may need to work on.

Anonymous said...

We had recycling in Sachse. I believe it was in Atlanta where a garbage company got in trouble for trashing all of the cleaned items placed in the recycle bins.

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