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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Have Declared Summer Officially OVER

Even though it is still so stinking hot outside. It is over. We are moving on to bigger and better things! SCHEDULES and earlier bedtimes so we can wake earlier and get our day going.

We slipped into the lazy days of summer during the past 6 weeks quite easily. Rising in the morning was later and later, and bedtimes in the evening were later and later.

So today, we flip flopped. :)

6:00 a.m. UP AND AT IT!

YAH! :)


Erika M. said...

Ya I don't know how I woke that early.I can't even get up at 7:00 am.


:)De said...

What is that on Anna's lap? I have been looking for what I thought was called a knitting loom, but can't find one and don't know what the real name for it is.

Christie M said...

You must mean Erika's lap. :)
It is a knitting loom. You are correct. We found them at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. There are several sizes.

Unknown said...

What, you have the luxury to stay in bed till 6 a.m.? Lucky Erika! :)

Now that we have toddlers again, our comfy 5:45 a.m. waking up time has somehow started to move towards 5 a.m....

Anonymous said...

Early mornings are for chickens and toddlers.

I'm enjoying the late night "shift"!


:)De said...

Sorry about that... my brain said Erika, but my fingers typed Anna. LOL! So guess what? I got on e-bay and found a set right away. So excited as I wanted my Jordan to learn to use one. Thanks for confirming the name for me.


Christie M said...

Oh good! I'm glad you found one.

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