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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 Things About My Day

Christine, asked me to say 5 things about my day.....

1. I trimmed my own bangs and I like them.  Saved $$....
2. I am taking a break from cleaning out my closet...I found a shirt mixed in the sheets that
    I had been looking for all summer.  Soon, it will be too cold to wear it.
3. I want a taco, but I don't want to cook.
4. I woke up this a.m. to a talk about politics, before coffee. Not such a good idea.
5. Many times I feel like a complete failure... and then I read in scripture.... that my value
    is in Christ.

And I'll add 6 more things, not necessarily about my day.

1. I scored 3 consistent times on the myer's briggs being an introvert.
2. I love spending time one on one with the girls.
3. I love to read when it is quiet and the house is clean.
4. Every time Erika falls, my stomach grips me, and I have to breathe
     and not respond like she almost killed herself for the umpteenth time.
     Instead, I just smile,  pick her up and dust her off, give her a hug and send her on her
     way......(not before reminding her of one more gray hair) and inside I am dying.
5. I love talking with my husband about anything and everything while playing backgammon
    and drinking our morning coffee. :)
6. I still struggle over the head covering issue. I forget to wear it.  If I should cover my head during    prayer and I am supposed to be praying without ceasing, then maybe the Amish are correct and I should cover my head all the time..... but then, I don't want to be legalistic about it either.


Julia said...

Oh Christie - that is exactly how I feel when Aaron falls. It is SO HARD to watch. We are hovering around him. He wants to be free. I am so fearful that he is going to knock every tooth out of his head, break his precious head open and kill himself before he has been with us a week. He fell twice on the streets of Kiev. Does Erika have the same issues as Aaron? We are feeling a bit overwhelmed tonight with all of his needs. - covenantb@yahoo.com

Christie M said...

Julia (Big Hugs) The Lord will get you through!
She was covered with that lovely green stuff all the time. LOL

Her AMC is as follows: She can use her hands, but they look like Aarons.
She had surgery to bend her elbows slightly. They are in a fixed position. She DOES have use of her shoulders, so she has learned to feed herself. (I can't tell if Aaron has use of his shoulders)
She can only bend at the waist about 10-15 degrees... She actually bends her upper back and sits at a slouch. She prefers to stand to eat
She can bend one leg. The other doesn't have a knee joint. Her legs were both attached backwards or sideways. So she had to have hip surgery and an osteotomy to make her leg that bends face the right direction.
She had no ankle joints, just feet that were severely clubbed. Her feet had to be amputated 4 months after we returned home. She was in terrible pain and there was limited blood flow due to several surgeries that did nothing for her.

Her leg that doesn't bend is still sideways, but it doesn't matter, because when you have prosthetic feet, they can aim them any way you want them! LOL

When she falls, she really can't catch herself because her arms don't bend and a direct hit to her arms or wrists cause a real jam and a lot of pain.
She has taken a few blows to the head.
I wanted to put a helmet on her, but she and dh let me see that it wasn't the best idea for her personal integrity and esteem. :)

Instead we worked on learning ways to fall to cause minimum damage. Such as, if you are going down, position yourself so you go on your side, keep your head up or back or whatever direction to have minimal damage, life your arms over your head to protect your face (something Aaron may not be able to do) and BE careful!

She fell yesterday at Soccer. Not while playing on the field, but she tripped over the bleachers. Ugh.

I remember that feeling Julia. The Lord will get you through. He will give you the grace to be awesome parents to Aaron. :)

Bogaranty├║ said...

About the head covering thing, if the Bible commands two things, going practical about the two of them (cover your head for prayer and pray always) is not as much legalistic as obedient and practical.

Christie M said...

You bring up a great way to think about this; not as being legalistic but as being obedient.
My heart wants to do what is right.
In our new church, we are the only ones who cover our heads. It is unusual to find a church where anybody does, here in America.

When I was younger, I never thought about it, and then, as I was reading in my own study time, I came across it. I asked about it numerous times and it was dismissed as cultural.
I just can't see that it is. So while I don't see it as being a major salvation issue, it is also there.... to read.... to consider, and to obey.
And that is what I should do, if so convicted in my heart.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Once you get used to covering most of the time, it doesn't seem to me to be a big deal most of the time. (I do not cover for night, and at times when home and it's "just us", I don't necessarily worry about it, since a translation of the Bible that I love and trust says something to the effect of being covered when praying or prophesying in public) For the most part, even during the day here though, I do cover, as it's just easiest/simplest, and if I'm suddenly having someone at the door or whatever, I don't feel uncomfortable, or if I suddenly want to rush to town, no need for a mad scramble. My two daughters have chosen of their own to cover as well, so there are 3 of us now, and it's a blessing, I think.

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