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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You know, it is funny, I sometimes have to remember the year, but NEVER do I have to remember the date. The actual DATE of 9-11.

I know exactly where I was. Mike and I had opened up our Auto Shoppe for business. The first thing I did every morning was go online and read some CNN. All of the boys were at college and the girlies were not in our home at this time. We were official EMPTY NESTERS!
I had finished my career as a Home schooling mother, and had moved on to Secretary of Texas Auto Service Center! What a hard transition. That same year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and was eating rabbit food for life. :) Literally.

So, off to work I went with My Mike, every morning.

That morning was like any other. And then, I checked CNN. A plane had crashed into the World Trade Tower. It was thought to be a small plane. Unidentified at that point

I got a call from my oldest son..... "Did you hear some idiot crashed into the World Trade Center?" He thought it was a small plane like a Piper.... and then we talked for a moment and that was it.

Not long after that..... we were listening to the radio in the Shoppe.... and the words "Terrorist Attack" were heard. "What is that?" I thought to myself..... so naive.
As we listened in DISBELIEF.... another plane hit the other trade tower, and then there was one that hit the PENTAGON!!! This one, sent shivers of fear into me.
And then, all planes were grounded..... and they kept talking about the ones unaccounted for, or headed for the White House....

And I felt sick.

I got a call from Son #2 asking if we had heard. And then son #3, and then son #4.
I noted that it was very interesting that they had all called in "birth order." :)

We worked our regular day and headed home, knowing that George Bush Jr. was going to address the Nation at 7:00. We didn't have T.V. hooked up, so Mike was on the roof trying to get the Antennae hooked up and by the time he did....The speech was over. LOL
George Bush Jr. was certainly not as long winded as Bill Clinton!

At that time, Mike and I were waking at 5:00 a.m. and walking 4 miles a day! It was part of my treatment plan. :) The first thing we noticed was how quiet it was in the sky. There were only stars. No planes. NO Plane for several days!!!

I was glued to the news reports about how things were progressing.... was anybody saved??? Not really. Only 2 people who were buried from debreit who were first responders. How AWFUL! HOW SAD!

My oldest son called back after 2 days of worry, on my part. He was terribly upset by the entire event and spent his time talking to some veterans of previous wars about things. He also had 9-11 tatooed on his neck as a memorial.....
I was surprised, but thought it was rather touching.

And then, the video of Osama Bin Laden was played of him Cheering the downing of the towers was airing. Who in the world was THAT GUY???? I had never heard of him, and had not payed too much attention to Islam in general.

There was a huge mosque not far from our home, and our church ladies offered to help escort Muslim women to the store and back if they were afraid. We were told no.

We had meetings later with the ladies there, but nothing really came of it.

It is interesting how that day is so vivid in my mind. How 9-11 will forever be a memory of tragedy and destruction.
Our girlies are too young to remember, even tough I teach it to them, it is like teach ing me about WW2, our our boys about Vietnam......

As I was looking at the news tonight... I was once again disturbed..... The Mosque fellow that wants to build a Mosque near ground Zero says, if it doesn't happen, National Security will be at risk???? And then there is the nut job wanting to burn Korans..... and is causing risk to the troops???? What kind of world do we live in now? Certainly not the one I lived in as a child. I didn't know what a Muslim was.
I didn't know about people who would threaten others because they didn't agree with the placement of a mosque, and I didnt' know of those who would burn books......
WOW. Alot of changes have taken place in the last several years.

We will always remember 9-11 as a terrible day, where EVIL people took over planes and murdered our citizens. I hope that they do not prevail and continue to propagate their ideology here.

I am all for feedom of Religion... but........ not all religion is good.


Unknown said...

Do you know how Muslims actually dispose of their used Korans? They burn them. I've seen a campaign on FB to send all the Korans they need to dispose to Terry Jones, as he is holding a free sservice. I applaud my Muslim friends' cheerful response to the situation, but I do worry what TJ would want to do with their holy books before the actual burning.

9/11 I was already back in California, and Efi was with me. He was 13 and as I drove him to school, I was listening to the news. (I had been woken up by my dad calling from Israel with the news cca. 15 minutes after it happened.) Halway through the day I got a call to pick Efi up, as school was being dismissed. We went over to my workplace (a bookstore) where we soon found out that the neighboring Lebanese restaurants' owner was blaming Israel for framing Muslims.All this time I or Efi was constantly on the phone, trying to reach our friends in NYC.I knew my best buddy Nathan was okay, as he was away at college in MA, but his mom and one sister worked in the World Trade Center, and neither him, nor we could reach them. It wasn't till around 2 p.m. that Nathan got through to his dad, who had already spoken to someone, who confirmed that both family members were fine. Reaching my brother in NYC was easier, and it was comforting to know that all my friends and loved ones were fine.

Anonymous said...

I was at work, I took my car to meet somebody and I turned the radio on. I was shocked and paralyzed. The first thing that came in my mind were the horrible stories about 2° WW my father sometimes tell me, bombed cities, death bodies in the streets, total fear. Then when I arrived home I couldn't turn the TV on for at least an hour. But from the very beginning I knew the world would have not be the same again. And I still think this today. A dear friend of mine is Muslim. She is a lovely person, I never thought anything bad about her or her family, but still when I'm on a crowded train or at the airport I get nervous if I see middle east citizens with huge luggage (everybody has luggage at the airport by the way). I hate having this thoughts... but still.
9-11 was a catastrophe, and I was extremely fortunate not loosing anybody I loved in it, but it definitely took something from me

Melissa E. said...

Amen. I remember well, also. Steve called home as I was getting things tidied up around the house. It was Hannah's second birthday. I turned on the tv in time to see footage of the second plane flying into the second building. Hearing it real time, on the phone with Steve, I said it before the reporters, "Another plane just flew into the other tower!"

Etched. That is the word that describes that memory in my mind.

Anonymous said...

That's right, they were not even religious, That's what Bouchra keeps telling me! If they were good Muslim they would not kill in the name of Allah. In Saronno where I live there is a little mosque sometimes I attend with Bouchra and her girls. Of course I don't pray, I just sit there while they they do, I take care of the children if their moms ask me to. Nobody seems offended or uncomfortable I'm Christian, they all keep telling me they are honored of my visit, they all are eager to show me what the real message of Islam is. I also think that the Imam here makes the difference. At the end of the prayer he always remind to behave well, to be respectful of Italian traditions, to be kind to anybody and patient. I also think that between women things are much more easier, women are usually more tolerant,peaceful and open.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame all religions for the actions of the extremists that act on the fringes. That hold true for Christianity as well as Islam.

Christie M said...

That is true,Anonymous. But if Islam is really being hijacked by extremists, where are the peaceful muslims standing against these guys?
I have not found any who will speak publicly.
I know plenty of Americans, who are also Christians, who are angry that this idiot in Florida is having his day in the media.
I don't agree with what he is doing, nor do I consider him Christian. However, this is America, and we have free speech.
Just like the mosque folks have the right to build it where they want, and they do, he has a right to..
I see both as wrong.
And now, we are being told that our national security is at stake if the mosque doesn't go up.....
That isn't freedom. That is a threat.

Christie M said...

I will no longer accept anonymous comments on my blog.

Unknown said...

Truth and tolerance are hard to face. I would suggest you pick up the Koran and see what it really says. Shakespeare once said that even the devil can quote scripture to suit his needs. There are evil Christians in this world like Fred Phelps - who is standing up to that aweful man? The preacher who attends funerals of fallen soldiers and tells their parents they deserved to die? The preacher who attended funerals of people who died of aids related causes and stated that God caused them to die? All I am asking is that you look to the unknown with an eye to tolerance - I wasn't being mean or spiteful...I'm using my real email address in signing in - you are welcome to contact me - I'm just not getting a google account to do so.

Christie M said...

Thank you daisy lady for posting. I don't think you really red my post very carefully. I think I have been fair and covered both sides of the mosque issue and the koran burning issue.
YES, I have read the Koran, and I have read Hadith. I believe there are more than one. I too think Fred Phelps is evil, but I would certainly not call him Christian by any stretch. He does not represent Christ in any way.

So I guess I don't get your point.

Christie M said...

How am I supposed to contact you?
You left no profile.

Tony and Dawn said...

On 09-11-2001, I was walking out the door to travel to a meeting when our neighbor, a private pilot, asked me if I had heard what just happened (first tower hit). I replied "no". I got in the car and listened to news reports on the 90 mile drive. Sixty days later, I was standing on the ruins of the Trade Center complex. My first night, I was standing on debris from Tower 2 and I looked down and saw one tennis shoe - laces tied. Gave me the worst feeling in my gut.

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