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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, if I didn't....


I was reading a little earlier today, that a doctor thought a little boy was too old to be rocked. He was 6.
This got me thinking about our perceptions in our society about closeness with our children, showing affection, and why society thinks our kids have to grow up so quickly!  WHY?
What is our hurry?
I was reminded of the book, "I'll love you forever".  Where the mama rocks her precious son, and as he gets older, she sneaks in and rocks him.... and at the end of the book, there is a picture of him, rocking his very aged mother.  It is a precious little story about forever love.

Rocking chairs are such an important part of our lives. I had a rocking chair when the boys were little. I LOVED it.  I remember wanting one so badly when our first son was. born I rocked him, but it was me making all the motions. Rather exhausting. :)
I finally got my rocking chair and I used it.... BOY did I use it.  The boys loved being rocked.
Then, it finally wore out and I went without one for a long time.

Before we got the girls, we finally purchased another rocking chair. This one was perfect. It was soft, reclined and rocked at the same time, and even reclined to a fixed position.   I was used to rocking myself.  Then, Anna came.  She needed to be rocked. The very first time I met her, even before we decided to adopt her, I rocked her in that chair and sang to her.  She was visiting and couldn't get to sleep.
I still can't believe she let me rock her and sing to her, but she did.  She was 4 years old.
When we adopted her, we rocked her in that chair every single night for 2 years.  We rocked her in the day time, we rocked her when she was happy and we rocked her when she was sad, we rocked her when we needed to correct her and we rocked her when we praised her.  We ROCK!

The chair has also been thoroughly used with Sarah AND Erika.  Anytime there needs to be serious discussion, we say, "Head to the rocker!"  I couldn't imagine being without it.

I have even rocked my grand kids in it, including my grand daughter Katie who is 14! (she was 13 the last time we sat together in that rocker)
We even had a double rocker for a while.... but it wasn't the "rocker rocker". :)
The one we have serious conversation in.

I still rock my girls.... not like we used to, but we still enjoy a good snuggle in the morning or evening.
My Anna, still loves to be rocked and connected.  She NEVER wants to get rid of the rocking chair.

If you don't have a rocking chair, you are really missing out on something special. :)
Something about the chair, just seems to make life more pleasant, conversation easier, and snuggle time a lasting, fond, memory.

Somehow, getting into that rocking chair causes the girls to just open up in a way that amazes me.
It is just accepted, that while in the chair, you can say whatever is on your mind freely, you can listen better, and you can pray with mom without distraction.  A LOT of healing has gone on in that chair.

Do you have memories of a favorite rocking chair?


Diana said...

We bought one just before our sweet Amanda was born. We were living in the Seattle area at the time and hunted ALL OVER creation to find a good one. You'd think that living in a big city/metro area would make that task easier. Nope! Not even close. There were lots of junky ones, but we were looking to make an investment. We wanted to find one that would last through more than one child. I'm so very glad now that we did! Little did we know then that nearly 12 years later, I'd still be rocking my babies in that very same chair. Little did I know then that my babies who would ultimately end up needing the most rocking wouldn't be infants. The cushions on that chair are due for a recover now - but not because they're worn out. It's because that good old rocking chair that still gets used many times a day long outlasted the sofas it was originally purchased to match and now the cushions no longer match the rest of the furniture in the room.

Melissa E. said...

I love my rocker too though I beg to differ on the "I Love You Forever" book. Haha! That book gives me the creeps! Just thinking of my mother in law climbing in through the window in the middle of the night...

Unknown said...

We have a classic wooden rocking chair, all the more special because Kevin and my dad built it when we moved to Israel and left our old one behind. They also made two child sized ones that are a favorite for the yyounger kids and the cousins. They are lovely and my kids love climbing onto our laps, or just share the big chair whenever. It's really lovely when two or three boys sit down with their books and just have a great time.

We use it a lot with the younger twins now.

Jodie said...

When lived in our rocking chair when our children were sick or needed to wind down a little bit. I read this poem when my children were little but I never knew who penned it:

"Quiet down cobwebs,
dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my babies
fast asleep"!

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