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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Passage From Childhood to Youth

Here are some of the first arrivals. :)

The girlies are all in the 6th grade. When you are in 6th grade, you are ready to go to the SDG (Sola Deo Gloria) Bible Study every other Wednesday night. This group is for 6th -12th grade.
I can honestly say, I never in a million years thought I would ever put any of my children back into a youth group.
We had some rather bad experiences with youth groups, and I certainly didn't want a repeat of those years.

But here we are at a new church, with a very different focus. They are serious about studying the word of God, and this group is run at homes of the parents. So parent involvement is big. I like the focus being on scripture and life change.

The girls were so excited. They were all ready with bibles, notebooks and pencils.

My last words to them were to be gracious with their speech, to not speak foolish words, to not say anything that you would not say in front of your parents or God himself, and to have an enjoyable time.
I told them to be like the 5 virgins in the story of the 10 virgins, who are prepared with their lamps full of oil, not like the foolish ones who didn't prepare.
And then, I took their picture and drove away thinking.... wow.... they are growing up to be such beautiful, sweet, young ladies. I can't wait to pick them up and hear what they learned tonight. :)


Melissa E. said...

Love it! Good for your church!! And good for you, too! :-)

Christie M said...

Well I just picked up 3 very giggly girls. Yep they are official SDG groupies. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, and from the pic I'd say they study in small groups, that's the best way of learning... everybody gets the chance to speak at least one time per lesson!

Sarah The Dreamer said...

Those weren't all the people, Trust me. There were a lot more.

:)De said...

I love your parting words to them. I may have to copy and put this little speech on an index card for myself for Monday... My 12 year old is starting Bright Light next week. Glad they were giggly. LOL!

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