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Friday, September 17, 2010

Preparing for Winter

My friend Michelle and her husband are adopting once again in Ukraine. She graciously let me use this photo for my blog. :) Thanks Michelle. Ok, I had to use the other one too to see the whole scope of this pantry. :)

I was so fascinated with this well stocked pantry! WOW~! I have canned foods before, but never on this scale! I wonder how long this much food would last? If we grew our food and canned it all, I wonder if we would come up with this much food? Would we be tempted to go to the grocery store anyway? :)

I would love to have a full scale raised bed garden and then in turn start to can my own foods. It is a big idea, I know. This year, we got our famous tomato and that was it.
With all the chemicals and junk in foods these days, and the prices of organic foods not being cheap, I just wonder if we did this on a large scale, and took it seriously, how much food we could really grow?

Any ideas?


Annie said...

This just amazes me! I saw this photo this morning on facebook and was thinking of asking if I could use it on MY blog! That amazes me that our minds are so alike - this VERY photo, too!

Christie M said...

Oh now that is Funny! :) Isn't that just as amazing pantry????

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous of this food cellar and her "garden". We have the worst Carolina clay and it is so hard to grow anything. Maybe we all need to move somewhere with amazingly fertile soil, buy a HUGE piece of property that we can put our little houses on the edges of and grow our own crops together. It can be called "Little Ukraine" :))

Christie M said...

How about Ukraine??? :)
Papa Dima took us to his Dacha outside of town. 4 hecters and a little old house..... WAY COOL!
Out house and all!
You would not believe the food they were growing!

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