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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes You Need the Widsom of Solomon

Ever have one of those mornings? :)

We started out just fine, except the girlies left their room in a mess before bedtime last night. I told them that I wanted them to clean it up before we started school today.
So they were prepared when they got up that cleaning was on the first of things to do after breakfast.

So, this a.m. they were all cleaning and then I heard "No, that ISN'T yours! IT IS MINE!"
For a minute I had to check and see if I had 2 two year olds instead of an 11 and 12 year old.

All of the girls had identical book bags last year. Erika's is clearly marked "do not touch" on the outside. Sarah left candy in hers and it got all nasty so we sent it to book bag heaven and she did without.

Anna's bag lay dormant, because she has another bag she prefers. So this a.m.
Anna said to Sarah, "You can have this bag, I don't use it."
Erika got upset and said, "You gave that bag to me! I used it once last year!"

Anna has no recollection of giving it, but letting her use it.
Sarah says, "You already have one just like it! Why do you need 2?"

Erika begins loud sobs.


So I start to think: We are reading "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and I wondered if there was any wisdom in there for me. :)
When Susan and Peter doubt Lucy's story, the professor asks them.... "is she prone to lying?" Lucy claims, "I ALWAYS tell the truth!" Which was true.

So I looked at my girlies faces and said, "There is no way, for me to solve this. You have all told untruths in the past so there is no way for me to know if you are telling the truth, trying to get something that isn't yours or if you have just mis- understood. Therefore, I will make no decision. You will have to work it out.
(I actually thought about dividing the book bag in 1/2, but I don't think that would have gone over so well. LOL)

So the sobbing child, the mad child, and the child who was rather bewildered that her kind gesture had turned into conflict went into the bedroom. Alone! And me, I stayed out of it. I actually made myself a nice omelette.:)

No more than 5 minutes later, I hear giggling coming from the bedroom. Then I hear down right cheerful voices.... and now, it is all settled. Erika has her book bag that says "do not touch", Sarah has Anna's old book bag and Anna has kept her alternate book bag that she has been using all along. Everybody is happy, and we have moved on.

Let the week begin!


Unknown said...

You did great with them! Now if only my 23-month-old kids didn't want each other's stuff all the time... :)

:)De said...

I too let them solve those kinds of problems on their own and I am amazed sometimes how they use their skills to reach an agreement.

Glad it all worked out without having to cut the bag in half. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I need the wisdom of Solomon 24/7


Anonymous said...

I don't have siblings so I don't have any experience about territorial fights, but I DO remember my friend Laura bickering with her brother about, toys, clothes, furniture (my chair, my pillow, my window !?!), pulling each other hair, kicking and screaming at each other, then 5 minutes later... playing all happy together as nothing happened...

Sarah The Dreamer said...

Acually I left mine outside and a snail got gluey stuff all over it.And we tried washing it off but it wouldn't come off. So we threw it away.

Christie M said...

Thanks for making that clear Sarah. :)

Anonymous said...

gluey snails + deadly snakes + tornadoes. Texas surprises me day by day!

Christie M said...

Chiara you are so funny. I forgot about the gooey snails. I think they are actually giant slugs. (snails without the shells) They leave this weird gooey trail wherever they go, even across screens of windows, our wooden floors.... at least they don't come inside! BLEK!

Annie said...

Well, I'm glad THAT worked out!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh we got something like that! These shell less snails live in the countryside or at least if you grow vegetables they will eat all of your salad. And yep they don't dare to enter inside or even come close to our houses, they can behave themself quite well...

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