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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

A Cyber Friend was talking about her son, and some observations she had made.  She got me to thinking.... a dangerous thing, I know. :)

We have had some pretty interesting experiences with our girlies.  Some of which we "caught" onto, and some that the light went on at a later time.

Anna has graciously given me permission to put her drawings up for you to see. She is such a neat kid. She said, "If it will help somebody, go ahead."  "Besides, I googled myself, and now I'm famous!" ROFL!

Anna was adopted at the age of 5. She had been in a series of Foster Homes during her toddler years that took a huge toll on her little life.  I am so glad that we took the PRIDE TRAINING classes, because those classes described our sweetie to the T.   She was an infant emotionally, she was a 5 year old girl, and she was also in some areas of her life, very street smart and going on 30.  We had to figure out who we were dealing with, and sometimes it would change in the same conversation. :)

I have always provided blank paper, scissors, glue, glittler, markers, colors, beads and all sorts of wonderful messy things for my children to use, to create and to imagine.  Of course the Girlies are no exception, so one of the most exciting parts to getting ready for Anna to come, was getting all that messy stuff out once again!
I am no artist by a long shot, but I love seeing little ones create.

To my shock: With all she had to use..... This is what she drew.
The picture on the left, was her first one.  There was no reason to it, there were no real letters, there was no form.... just scribbling.  I have countless pictures like this, where I said, "Let's draw a goat!" "Let's draw a house!"  They all looked the same.  No color, no reason, just chaos.
It made me cry.
Her little life must have been so crushing for her. She was not able to express in the most basic form what was in her mind.
She also couldn't jump on one foot. She couldn't skip, like a little girl would.... there was MUCH she couldn't do.  She sure could scream! :)  She didn't know how to communicate at first. She hadn't been taught.
Communication is so important and we communicate in many ways; through the arts, through speech, through writing, through emotions.  She had learned the most basic infantile form of communication. The one she was born with; her lungs. But she had not learned anything else. She was very much an infant or toddler, in a 5 year old's body.

After working with her for a few months: Her drawings IMPROVED!   I started to notice a much more visual picture.  And not long after, she started to draw faces. I was very glad they were happy faces. :)
And then about a year later:  We got a picture of FAMILY!
I was very happy to see that she saw herself as important.  She drew Katie really small, because she didn't live with us.  The guy on the left was Marcus (our youngest son).

And then, she started being able to draw some nature:
Notice, she still wasn't really adding much color to anything?  She had plenty of opportunity to, but her world was still very small.

I have loads of pictures and artwork she has done over the years. She is not the best of artists, that isn't the point of this post.  But she has made HUGE strides in artistic expression! And I am so proud of her.
It also tells me that she has healed in so many ways!
She prefers to design barbie clothes, and she loves to dress up and design outfits. She has an artistic flare for writing too.
But here are a couple of her recent drawings..... Note the COLOR!!!!

Anna also has a real knack for writing.  She still has many issues with Spelling. She is working on it, and has come a long way!
But here is an excerpt from a book she is writing.... I am amazed at her ability to write, yet, she cannot spell well.

On 10/27/10 10:43 AM, Anna Minich wrote:
> It was cold and seemed like it was about to rain. As Hannah walked along
> the road, she heard a truck rumbling a little way behind her.So she steeped
> to the side of the road as the truck pulled in to view. When it reached her
> it stoped.
> And the driver asked "You need a ride miss"? Hannah hesitated she had tried
> to hitch hick but every time a driver stoped and asked it was always a
> young man so she had declined. Then she noticed a women about the same age
> as the driver
> in there 30s or so. So she agreed." Hop in dear it's about to rain" The lady
> said kindly.Hannah got in the back and they drove on.
> "What is your name dearee"? "Hannah Harrison whats yours?" Josefina
> Cobbler my Friends call me Joe you can do the same, And this is my husband
> Peter Cobbler." You can call me peat. "
> "Now whats a pretty thang like you hitch hicking on the road in this
> weather"? I'm going to the golf." Hannah ancerd. "Whear are you from?"
> "Canada." "Do you have any family"? "Only a brother back in Canada."
> "Hut oh miss it's raining to hard to take you to Town. How 'bout you comen'
> to our house till mooring. well i don't want to in- pose.No no you won't be
> imposing , the lord gave me a big house with Lot's of room.
> Hannah gave it some thought... they seem nice...um. Well just until
> moring. Hannah ancerd..When Hannah arrived at The Cobblers house,She noticed
> that Mr.cobbler was not exzadgerating it was a big house. With a big front
> porch,and a swing.
> Better come in side Heaven knows what you could catch in a storm like
> this.. Miss cobbler led her to a big room witch a table in tha middle ,And a
> stove. THIS is the kicthan.
> You what hear and I'll go get a room and a bath ready. just make your self
> comterbull.Said miss cobbler as she walked away her hi heals clicking on the
> Wood floor.Hannah could not stand to where hi heals.
> Hear it is and your bath is ready. um leave your clothes by the door so i
> can clean them.Oh but I can't let you do that. Oh fiddle sticks I have one
> of those new finagled washing meshene and I've been meaning to use it .OK
> if you insist.When Hannah got in the water she felt the water rush over. In
> her orpang the soweres had been short and cold.

It will be 7 years in December, and  she is   such a lovely young lady. :) Her thoughts are deep and she is so sweet.  I am so thankful that she is able to now express herself, keep a journal, draw her favorite things, write a book if she wants to....... She is living life. I cannot take away the past, or what happened to her years ago; but I sure do have hope for the future, and that she can truly LIVE her Life in a good way!


Julia said...

Thanks. That is all I"m going to say! Can't wait to see what mine is going to be doing in 5 years. I better start saving the pictures!!

Unknown said...

For now, for spelling there is always spell check and an editor called Mom!

acceptance with joy said...

Awesome. We are seeing the same exact progression of things with the drawings of the twins. First it was pretend writing in pencil or pen, slowly over the months they have learned to draw "people" and "faces"... They are starting to use more color all the time. Now one of the twins is actually writing messages on his pictures. So very cute!

Christie M said...

That is great news!

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