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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Green Life.....

I posted below an Update on My Green Life.... but also wanted to show what we are doing in preparation for winter.
I have posted pictures before of our wood stove. We invested in it a few years ago, and it is WONDERFUL!  This stove has an outside air source so it does not draw cold air into the house and only heat one room.  Our house is not HUGE, but it is the biggest one I have ever lived in.  It is 1,900 sq. ft. and this stove heats the entire house well.  Because the door is sealed, we can put wood in at night, and safely burn it till morning.  It payed for itself the first 3 months we had it.
We live in an all electric house, so heating is more expensive than cooling. We don't keep the house that cool, as that can get costly, but we can keep the house warm all winter, and all it takes is a little planning!

This year we will be sharing wood with another family.  We have agreed to store the wood, since they don't have room, and they have been out getting wood. We have all participated to one degree or another,  in unloading, cutting and stacking.  We are in various forms of some finished, some not, some seasoned and some not.

We will most likely go through 3 or 4 cords of wood this winter between our two families.
A cord of wood is 4x4x8 TIGHTLY STACKED, not criss crossed like an apartment type stack.  When people buy wood today, they are not buying a real cord. It is usually called a "face cord"... Most wood is cut at 16-18 inches to fit a modern fireplace, so people get ripped off thinking they are buying a cord, when they aren't.

We get our wood in a few ways. A tree service gives away Orange Osage. It is a Poppy kind of undesirable wood, but does very well in a wood stove with a sealed door.  The popping doesn't matter because the door is shut. It has a similar quality to coal!  We also pick up wood after people have cut down trees waiting for the city to dispose of it.  Most people are glad to have you haul it away!

This year we had a friend moving away and they gave us some of their seasoned oak!

We should have everything finished being cut and stacked by the end of the month. It is a family project that we all enjoy...... and it is putting already cut down trees to good use. :)

Here's to being GREEN! :)

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