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Friday, October 1, 2010

Thyroid Regeneration

I am just wondering if any readers out in bloggy world have had their thyroid regerate or begin to function again after numerous years of non functioning status?

Here is the scoop:

I had Grave's Disease when I was in my 20's.  At 30, right before Mike and I married, I took Radioactive Iodine as a treatment plan because it just wouldn't calm down.  My vision was impaired permanently; I didn't need glasses until this condition took over.  So, a year later, I developed tumors in my thyroid.
I was assured that it was nothing, but as a precaution, a needle biopsy was done, and there was cancer in the biopsy.  I did not have full blown thyroid cancer, just cancer in the tumors.

So a thyroidectomy, of the side with the cancer was done.  A month later, I was sentenced to a life time of the pill a day every morning and blood draws every year to keep my thyroid levels normal.

So, years went by, and it has been a total in the past sort of thing, except for the obvious scar where the surgery was done, and the pill a day thing.

Well, for the last year, I have been hot and had many MANY of the symptoms of the original Grave's disease, but considered it was Menopause.... Yes that is going on too.

6 months ago,  I found out my thyroid was too high. So my meds were lowered.  Same thing has been going on, and I just had my blood work checked again, and again, my thyroid is too high.  So meds have been lowered to the lowest dose I have ever taken since this whole ordeal happened.

I have not noticed any change, as it will take a few weeks, but.... the doctor said something to me I have never heard.  He said, "Maybe your thyroid is trying to make a comeback!"

I googled it, and sure enough there are some cases where this has happened, and interestingly the ones I read about took place around 20 years after having the initial thyroid removed.

It would be AWESOME if it comes back AND behaves itself!  :)

So I'm wondering, does anybody have any experience with this?  If things don't settle down, the tests will have to take place, but until then, I'm hopeful that my body is actually healing itself.


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Mine wasn't removed, but was sluggish and was cantankerous and not doing me any favors, and then an OB about killed me by starting me on a HIGH dose of Aarmour right after I was getting over a miscarriage (and we know that hormone changes definitely affect the thryoid!!) In about 2 weeks I was so hyper that friends told me later that if they hadn't known better, they'd have thought I was strung out on crack. My eyes were trashed--never have been as good since either, and the Docs say there is nothing more they can do with glasses--and I'm NOT even 40 yet!! (Seriously scary).

ANYway . . . I was anointed during all of this mess . . . and had to be weaned down and down and down and finally clear off the thyroid meds--and over 5 years later I've never taken any thyroid meds since. It seems my thyroid recovered from whatever was ailing me.

Unknown said...

Kevin had part of his thyroid removed and his dr told him this might happen.

Jodie said...

Your body healing! (Of course with God,s intervention)! That just make's me want to do the "Pea Patch Jig"!
Love, your sister

Melissa E. said...

Wow! I hope that is what is going on! That would be great for you!

Melissa Booth said...

I realize it has been some time since you posted this. I wondered what ever happened. I had a total thyroidectomy last year. Already, my general practitioner is thinking mine is growing back. My levels went hyper and there is some swelling back in the neck that had previously been gone. It is possible for the thyroid to come back. Like you, I would be overjoyed! Especially if it functions normally. Although, I am without parathyroids so Calcium and Vitamin D will remain a concern.
Please post if there have been changes.

Christie M said...

Hi Melissa,
My med level is lower, but that is about it. Still need synthroid. Who knows, maybe it will pick up again. :)

Brian M said...

Hmm... interesting. I was just googling 'thyroid regeneration' and found your blog post (how weird is that?). I had a partial thyroidectomy (took out 1/2 - cant remember which side) in 2007 and have been taking synthetic thyroid hormone ever since. Recently, I have been having trouble geting my doc to write a new script for it (I'm sure he wants me to come in again to evaluate), and I just resent having to keep doing this. They told me that the meds are cheap and readily available, but didn't bother to mention that I would have to fork out $$ for a periodic office visit just to tell him things are the same and get another prescription. Apparently, this will continue indefinitely. (grr!) So... back to my original train of thought... when I ran out of my pills I didn't think much of it until I started feeling like crap. The pharmacy told me that they would call in for another prescription, and I was able to get a couple of days' worth to tide me over. I took them and started to feel better. I also found a thyroid supplement that my mom had given me (Solaray Thyroid Blend SP-26 - essentially kelp and some other natural ingredients) and have been taking that since then. So... as of today it has been a week since I left a message with my Dr's office and still no response from them and no new script at the pharmacy when I checked this evening. But, here's the interesting thing-- before the kelp and 3 days after I initially ran out of pills I felt like my skin was sliding off of my frame (but only on the inside). Now it has been almost a week and I don't feel anything like that. Maybe not 'normal' (whatever that is), but, certainly not like before. Makes me wonder what modern medicine is missing here, and wondering about the possibilities of somehow naturally restoring thyroid function as I long to be free from the shackles with which I unwittingly chained myself to our modern medical system.

Christie M said...

Hey Brian! That is hilarious that you wound up on my blog! :) Are you coming over for Christmas?????? (sincere hope!)

We need to talk about what you are taking. I had mine removed 20 plus years ago and have had to go to annual visits. It has never been "right" since, so I totally agree about the tether to modern medicine being annoying! :)

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