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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UDATE on my Green Life

I posted in August about wanting to be more green and giving up my paper plate habit. :)

It has been 6 weeks and I am happy to say, we have not purchased any paper plates in that time.
BECAUSE of that, we have saved some money that I have invested into some fun dishes.
I am rather eclectic in style so I have found Target to be a great source for fun and decorative plates and bowls.

We use bowls a lot because of the types of foods we eat..... We eat soups, rice dishes and pasta dishes or salads.  Instead of buying large plates, we bought some larger bowls and salad plates.  It has worked out really well!  We all like eating out of our pretty dishes way more than eating off of our paper plates. :)

We are also being careful not to use the garbage disposal. We have a dozen and a half garbage disposals outside who would love nothing more than to eat what we were planning to waste. :)
The only thing is, now that we have been feeding them regular scraps, as soon as we open the door we hear "MAAAAAA_MAAAAAA!!!"  I think they like our cooking! :)

We also got this old thing back out! More dishes means more washing.... but we have found it easy to do quick washes and save the dishwasher for 1 use a day.  Once it is full, it is the old fashioned way that works.  If you wash in hot soapy water.... not too much, and then rinse quickly with hot frest water, you wind up not using too much water AND no electricity. :)

I'm feeling crunchier by the moment. :)


junglemama said...

How cool! Now you have inspired me to stop buying paperplates. Since it seemed like a trade off to using more water cleaning the dishes, I felt justified buying the paperplates. Now I think we need to also find a way to wash dishes using less water!

Christie M said...

Christine, I just added to my post about what we are doing with the extra dishes. :)

:)De said...

I went 'paperless' for about a year. What's funny is I was reading 1 of Christine Reeds post and saw that she had these sectioned trays on her shelf. I found some on ebay for very cheap and we used our color code system and it was great. It lasted until I had 7 kids in the house and paper just became easier. I am inspired to pull our trays out again.

Good post.

Unknown said...

Awesome. I would, however, disagree with you on hand washing being more economical and ecological. A study in Israel showed that using a dishwasher doesn't only use less electricity and only a fraction of the water as doing the dishes by hand, but it also lets out fewer toxic materials. In a country aching for water like Israel it's important. On the other hand in Israel there are way fewer luxuries of life than in the average American household, so dishwashers are not nearly as common as in the States. And I think I'm the only one in our building who has a garbage disposal, because the previous tennant was American.

Sony Ericsson has a "green" phone. It's not a smart phone, but it is eco friendly and has a few green apps, that based on certain parameters tells you what your greenest options are. I love it. :D

Annie said...

I'd read a similar study to the one Hevel quotes. I remembered it because I wasn't at all sorry to hear that the ethical choice was the dishwasher!

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