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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anna's 12th Birthday Part 3

Ok, here we are at the finish Almost...... we are having cheese cake tonight. :)

Found it!

So what is it!

Overall, a way cool morning, relaxing and enjoying the game.

It is amazing how just a simple fun clue hunt can make a birthday last for hours! :)


Unknown said...

The suspense was killing me! You should be a mystery writer! (and a devotiona writer and motivational speaker).

So cool that they still like dolls! :D

Christie M said...

Hevel, you are so funny. :) We had fun.
I love it that she asked for a doll.
This doll is SO COOL!
I want one!

I found it at Walmart a couple of months ago and the price was RIGHT!
This doll did so many fun things, and was less than 1/2 the price of some of the ones I looked at that were not nearly as fun.

I am actually going to see if they have any more. I know another little girl who now likes the idea of a baby. And we may have somebody for Christmas who may need a dolly too. :)

:)De said...

First, Happy 12th Birthday, Anna! What a wonderful series of post. Would you mind sharing the name of that doll. I have a girl that I think would enjoy it too.

Christie M said...

De, the name of the doll is

"Little Dreams Cute Expressions Baby Doll".

Amazon has it for $$$$ Bucks!
but Walmart.com, you can get it for 15.00 and have it shipped FREE to the nearest walmart to you for pickup. :)

Anonymous said...

How nice a new doll, the last time I got a doll for my birthday I was 18! It's never too late, right now, after eading this post I'm in a "new dool mood" again!

Christie M said...

Chiara, my last doll was when I was 17. :) When I left for college, my mother gave my entire doll collection to my cousin! It was rather traumatic parting with my childhood friends.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait... ANNA ASKED FOR A DOLL!?!??!?! Wow!.... that's something I would never think of!... Anna having a doll... wow! What'd ya do with the real Anna Minich? ;)

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