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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Comic Relief part 3

We started watching Jesus of Nazareth for the Easter Holiday. It is a wonderful depiction of the Story of Christ.

Well, Jesus was born and it was time to take him to the temple for Circumcision and to be named, as a sign of the Covenant between God and man.

The girls were watching the scene and Sarah asked, "What are they doing?"
Anna said, "They are circumcising him."
Sarah asked "what is that?"

and then Erika said,
"It's when they trim their belly button!"

And it was all settled. :)

Joseph was a carpenter. Erika says, "that means he made carpets" :)

Sarah said, "Wow, that man plays a really good God". (speaking of Robert Powell) :)

Tonight I was making dinner for the family. It was time to serve, so I sent Anna out with Daddy's dinner and dinner for our employee.

She came back in and said, "Daddy is off running an errand."

I said, "Oh dear. I wish he had told me he was going, I would have saved his dinner."

In her finest accent she said, "Don't we all wish that of our men!" LOL

I couldn't stop laughing last night when

Sarah came weeping.....

"I'm so mad at ERIKA!"

I said, "Why, what happened?"

She was sobbing...."She says she needs her PRIVACY!"

So I asked, "Where is she?"

"In the Bathroom!" boo-hoo!

Well, don't you think it is normal to want privacy in the bathroom?

"She never wanted privacy before? Now she does, EVER SINCE SHE GOT BREASTS!"

"Now she doesn't want me in the bathroom with her!"

"I wish sisters didn't get breasts until they were 30 !!!!! "

I just love Sarah. :-)

So fast forward to today:
Erika and I went out for our mommy daughter date

We got back from the store and I had my super secret stash of Boston baked beans. The girls saw them and had their hands out.....

I said "You don't want these, they are BEANS!"

They still had their hands out and I said,
"Are you sure you want these? They are magic breast growing beans!" LOL

Sarah said, "I'll take 2!"
Anna said, "Give me the big ones!"

Hmmmm. :)

Today Anna said, "Mom, I know how Sarah can get over her fear of dancing in public and how I can get over my fear of public speaking!

"How Anna?"

Adopt 14 children! It would be public speaking just to ask for the bread to be passed! And Sarah would be dancing in front of all those people!

She is a smart kid. :)

The girlies are diagramming sentences.

The sentence was: Gorillas and Chimpanzees are apes.

She got it wrong, having "girlies as the subject", so I re read the sentence to her.

Her reply:

"Oh, I thought it said, "Girlies ARE chimpanzees and apes." LOL

Anna was 5 and her brother was tickling her. She couldn't pronounce her r's very well so she said, "Be Cafull, I bwuise like a gwape!"

Another time when Sarah had surgery she called the nurse button. A man answered and she said, "Who is this? I'm trying to call a girl nurse!
She didn't want to tell the man she had to go to the bathroom.

We studied the reformation recently and watched a video on Martin Luther. I quizzed the girls a couple of days later... "who was Martin Luther?"
Sarah said, "I know, I know!" He was a German, A German...... A GERMAN SHEPHERD! :)

When Anna was 5 she was taking a bath and she pointed to her chest. "I think these are going to be my breasteese.

Sarah saw her old prosthetist that she had when she was 5. He was walking down the hall and stopped her and said, "Hey Sarah, do you remember me?
She studied his face and said, yes, I think I do, but you look different. He said, "it is probably my beard!" She said, "No, you are old now."

Sarah was looking on the Calendar and noticed it is "Ash Wednesday". She asked what it was. After the explanation about what Lent is, and people "give up" certain things during this season and focus on Easter.... she said,
"I know, I'll give up school!

Today we were starting Language Arts. We were having our oral lesson and I asked "How do you look up a word in the Dictionary"?
Sarah piped up, "That's easy! You just open it up! It is full of words! :-)

The other day, Gramma sent them each a Valentine's Day Card and it was signed....
"God Loves You",
Love, Gramma and Grampa

(Erika has overheard gramma now and then say, we are all god or I am god)
Erika looked at that and said, "If Gramma thinks she is god, then why didn't she just sign it "I Love You".

You know you live in the Country when your daughter sees the price of a new skirt and says,"Gee mom! You could buy a goat for that!" :)

When Sarah was 6 she was watching "My Fair Lady" . She loved the movie. It amazes me how much she catches onto for such a young girl. (the other 2 girls lost interest and went to play in their room, Dad was asleep, and I was sort of napping, so she was watching it alone.) Well, we were at the part of the movie where the man sings "I'm Getting Married In the Morning". It is a LONG song and dance routine. After his zillionth verse about "getting married in the morning", "get me to the church on time"........


Cracked me up. :)

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