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Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Comic Relief con't.

 While we're waiting on information regarding adoption I posted this.
So here is part 2. :)

When Anna was 5, her daddy was using a pocket knife at the table. He wasn't being as safe with it as she thought he should so she said, "Don't do that daddy!" He said, "Why?"  She said, "Because you'll teach me to do it!". :)

When Sarah was 5, we were trying to explain to her why she was coming to our house. We asked her if she knew what adoption was... She said, "I think it means your sick!"

When Sarah was 6, she was getting very brown from the sun.  She woke up sobbing.  I went in and got her to rock her. When I asked, "why are you crying?"  Her reply shocked me.

She said, "I think I'm going to turn into a black woman when I grow up!"
I was a little puzzled. (she was actually afraid of black people at this point but is no longer)

So I asked, "Why do you think that?"
She said, "Well just LOOK at me! I getting darker and darker every day, AND you have never seen my REAL mother!"

So I told her, "Well, there is CERTAINLY NOTHING wrong with being a black woman, if you were to turn into one, AND, we would love you forever just the same!....
She seemed to calm down, and when she stopped doing the hiccup cry and I was about to put her back to bed,
I asked "Is there anything else on your mind?"
She said, YES!
"I'm afraid when I grow up my husband won't let me get a hamburger!"
So I said, "Well that is a very simple problem to solve!
When you grow up, before you marry, ask your future husband if he minds if you get hamburgers.... if he says yes, "don't marry him" and find somebody who will!"

She got this huge smile and gave me a big kiss and then went fast asleep.

Sarah had surgery on her leg.  In the middle of the night she was awake and having some pain.
I told her she could press the button and call her nurse and they would help her.
She pressed the button and the nurse came onto the intercom, "May I help you?"
Sarah said, "Yes! I think my leg is trying to get a head ache!"
To which I heard giggling on the intercom and then, "Ok sweetie, we'll be right there!"

Erika had outgrown her legs and her new legs were not ready. Sarah had surgery on her arm and her leg and was wearing two casts.  They both had appointments at Scottish Rite Hospital, and we only had 1 wheel chair. So Sarah was sitting on Erika's lap for the ride through the hospital.
This little kid pointed at the girls and said, "Look Mommy!"
(typically nobody notices anything around there, since most of the patients are there for similar reasons)
Sarah said rather drolly, "Wow, we're even weird for here!"  LOL

We were in a store around the same time, and with all the lifting I was having to do, I guess I was limping because my back hurt.  So, as were were walking down an aisle, I noticed this man following us.  He finally got brave and with a serious face said, "Was it an accident?"  At first I was confused and then I realized, I'm limping, Erika is in a wheel chair with no feet, Sarah has a cast on her arm and her leg and Anna is in good shape.....  I was trying to think what to say, so with a smile I just blurted out the first thing I could think of, "Oh no.. it wasn't an accident, we are like this on purpose!"
The look was priceless.....

We were in Target and this man got to staring at us. I thought he was going to follow us through that whole store.  As we entered the clothing area, we slowed down and his pace kept up..... he was looking at us from behind not watching where he was going and took out an entire rack of clothes!   Erika found that to be quite humorous.

When the boys were little I had to carry Tim a lot. (Our son has CP)
This was before the "pay at the pump convenience", so I would have to take all the kids in with me to pay for gas.  So, I was carrying Tim.  The gas station lady said,  "I think it is terrible you making your mama carry you like that!"  Our son said, "I'm crippled and I can't walk!"  The lady turned a shade of red.  Then, our little Joey who was about 3 said, "dat my brudder, he has a TERRIBLE PALSY!"
and he shook when he said Terrible!  It was so cute. :)

When our oldest son was 3,  I served him some Pea soup.  He asked what it was and I told him it was Pea soup.  He didn't want it.  He said, NO PEA SOUP mama!  I finally got him to taste it and he ate two bowls full.  After that, he said, "That was GREAT! Can we have butt soup tomorrow?"
That really freaked me out..... like I would serve him Pee! yikes!

Why is it that boys always think about guns?  When our son Marcus was little he was looking at my legs very seriously.  I asked him, "what are you thinking?"  He said, "I think your legs look like rifles!"

When Tim was 3, he was mad because I wouldn't let him do something. He sat in the middle of the floor with his arms folded and said, "I'm just gonna close my eyes so you can't see me!"

When Chuck was 5, he got a pet turtle.  It sort of stayed on our patio and in our kitchen.  I kept smelling something wierd and couldn't figure it out. I finally picked up that turtle and it was dead! Ick!
We had a little funeral for him and Chuck dictated a story in his turtles honor....
"Alex the Break Dancing Turtle".... he went on to dictate how Alex could break dance and spin on his shell...... gee I wonder what happened to Alex???

Joseph got 2 hamsters for his 5th birthday.  He brought them in with the cage one day and said, "Look mom, they do tricks!"  He moved the cage and both little furr balls flopped over.  They were doing summersaults all right, they were both deceased. UGH

When the boys were 8, 9, 10 and 12 we were having our family prayer for dinner.   Joseph, our 9 year old thanked the Lord that He and our 8 year old made it up onto the school roof and back down safely, to which everybody's eyes opened and I noticed Marcus giving Joseph the stare of "what is WRONG with you!!!!"  LOL

When Chuck was 3 he was playing in the front yard. He came in so excited! In his hand was a STIFF DEAD CROW!  He said, "Look Mommy! He's sleeping!"
Oh How we washed those little hands!

When Chuck was 2, I was pregnant with Tim.  I was showing him the book "A Child is Born".
Each page has a picture of the baby in the womb showing the development of the baby.  We looked at this book many times so he could see what was happening in mommy's tummy and why it was getting so big.  I showed him the last page, which is a baby being held up on his mommy's tummy with the umbilical cord still attached..... I asked, "So what do you think?"  He looked at the picture and said, "WOW! What a Weenie!" talking about the umbilical cord!
I couldn't stop laughing.

When Anna first came home, Marcus gave her all his old stuffed animals to play with.  She of course, had to decide if they were girls or boys.  She would sniff each one and say, "This is a girl, this is a girl, this is a girl."  She got to Marcus's favorite Teddy Bear that he used to keep in his back pack for Scout Campouts..... She took one sniff of that bear and said, "This one is a boy!" LOL

When Erika came out of her body cast they put her in a large bath. She heard the therapist on the other side of the door. He said, "I want to come in and see how she is doing!"  She protested loudly, "You may NOT come in and see my womanhood!"
I could hear him laughing, and he sent in an assistant. :)


:)De said...

You have very funny kids! LOL! Boys!! "butt soup" ROFL!!!

Keri said...

Christie...these are FANTASTIC! I soooo enjoyed every last one of them. But now I want MORE! I'm going to go back and read them again they were so good. I can't even decide which is my favorite, although Sarah's " I'm afraid my husband won't let me get a hamburger!" almost made me pee my pants!!! Biy I wish I could meet your girls in real life someday. They are such a riot:)

Autumn said...

Haha I LOL'ed! I can't wait until you hear more adoption info (and share it with us!) but in the meantime keep the funnies coming! Do you write all of this down or can you remember it all?
I'm still thinking, wondering, and praying for you every day! Once you're able to talk about it all, I have a few questions to get you started :)
1) Do you have a specific child in mind? If not, I have one for you LOL! Her name is Victoria and she is about 8 years old with AMC...oh how I love her but can't adopt her cause I'm single :/ So since you're my favorite adoptive family, I think she would be a great addition to your family :)
2) Are you adopting from the same country as before? Are you waiting for the proposed "vote" to see if you're going to proceed?
Anyhow, as you can tell, I'm excited to hear about anything you have to share. I just love your family!

Annie said...

I laughed out loud. I think the "We're like this on purpose." gave me the biggest chuckle.

Christie M said...

You are so sweet Autumn. :) I'll let you know as soon as I can. :)

Christie M said...

I try to write down hum dingers they come up with. :) Sometimes I forget.
I have a bunch of what the boys said when they were little, but I can't find them. (Pre computer days) :)

Annie said...

Best thing I ever did as a mom was institute what we call the "Funny Book" where I wrote these things down. Little did I realize how the kids would enjoy this themselves until one day when Aidan was about 20 and I come in and he is sitting on the couch with his date reading over the Funny Book. And, like you, we've gotten great ones from ALL our kids learning to navigate English for the first time.

Christie M said...

That is a great idea Annie!
I try to write things down, but there is much I don't get.... I wish I had more of the guys. It is amazing what we forget!

Annie said...

I know - there were a few funny things that I kept "meaning to" write down....then suddenly, I realized I'd forgotten them. A "Funny Book" is one of my regular gifts at baby showers.

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