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Monday, November 8, 2010

No More Facebook

I have permanently removed our account from Facebook.  The reason is, that no matter how many times we have set our privacy to the most private, it changes without us knowing.  This time, I posted a link from CNN only to find my facebook name saying that I posted it on Facebook.  I really don't want that information out there. I have PURPOSELY not connected my facebook account to CNN, and have reset it more than once, only to find it there again. 

I give up.  I do not find facebook to be a safe place.  I am really not happy that I can't read something or link something, without it being announced to the world.


Diana said...

I'm actually just about to join you and for very similar reasons. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm getting close.

Christie M said...

Diana, are you part of the Ning with Beyond Consequences?

You can go to
www.heatherforbes.ning.com and join.

It is a decent place for like minded folks to support each other. :)

Unknown said...

Did you know you can't even delete your FB acct just deactivate it? It was in the TOS when signing up.

I'm glad you are not leaving blogging. Most of my family is gone from FB and we use our own little social networking site thanks to WordPress.

Annie said...

I've found the ning "group" to be a bit of a disappointment. Not very active. My blog circle is really the best on-line "social group".

I suppose I just don't have secrets; I don't care what facebook tells anyone, unless it connects to my bank account or my scale!

My only facebook dilemma - and what limits its value for me, really - is that somehow I've got "friends" on there from too many aspects of my life. Everyone from Emily Kuroda, the actress I worked with years ago, to teenagers I taught, parents and staff from the Christian school, and priests at my parish; my kids, my blog-friends, a woman from Ireland who adopted from Russia...it runs the gamut! I didn't think a lot about it until one of the priests mentioned I had a "dry wit", and that suddenly made me realize that a dry wit might not be appreciated by everyone.

Fortunately, almost no one I know in real life reads my blog. So I can be totally honest about things I don't think are appropriate to mention on facebook. However, I have found the messaging on facebook to be useful, especially with some people who don't use e-mail. And the photo-sharing, too. It has turned out to be the BEST way of communicating with my grown-up kids.

Christie M said...

Annie, I have noticed that the ning isn't that active too, but I wonder if it is just because I don't go in there that much? I don't know.

I don't really have anything to hide either, but there are privacy issues that are makin' me mad!

Christie M said...

They made a way to delete your account now after numerous complaints.

It is a different button. You can choose to delete your account, but it won't delete for 14 days. If you do not go back to facebook for 14 days it will delete.

Now, the question will be, is that true? LOL

Annie said...

I don't know WHY I don't worry about privacy. Weird personality trait.

Maybe we should pump up the ning site. I don't know. Did you ever visit Heather's yahoo group? Now that was SCARY.... These people all had the worst possible issues, both personally and with their kids; I often felt their situations were WAY past what could be healed in a family setting. I dropped out of that group lest I become permanently depressed.

Annie said...

BTW - I love that you are blogging more.

Christie M said...

I have never visited the yahoo group. I felt some of the same things in the ning group too... some problems were very depressing. :(

Thanks for liking my blogging. :)

Rebecca said...

Your concerns with FB are understood. However...
You know mom...you could have kept your facebook account and just not said anything on it. :) That way you could see pics and keep up with others. Just sayin'. We'll miss you! love ya.

p.s. I am SO bummed that we aren't coming for thanksgiving. I can't even think about it. ugh. I hope we'll be able to visit sometime in the next year!

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