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Monday, November 29, 2010

Pole Cat

Well, Wally (aka Cloud Paw) has gotten himself into a real fix!  We heard him meowing yesterday morning and couldn't find him.  When we got home from Church, we followed his meows, but it took a while to actually LOCATE him.

Here he is:

He is sitting on top of our neighbor's TELEPHONE POLE!  My guess is he is 20 feet off the ground.   He tries to get down, but is too scared.
I have a call into our County Animal Control to see if they can help.  My guess is if he gets hungry enough, he'll most likely come down on his own.  Of course Anna is VERY worried about him.
We put his food dish out and he mowed loudly as he watched Bob the other cat eat his food.

Poor Kitty! 
Of course, the birds are sitting on the other telephone pole enjoying the show!  For a while there was a whole row of them staring at him.  Mike said, they were selling tickets.  :)


Melissa said...

At first glance, he looks like an owl sitting up there! Hope he came down safely :)

mommajeane said...

That looks funny with the birds...not so funny for him or sweet Anna I am sure. Hope he gets down soon.

:)De said...

Did he walk on the lines to get up there? Poor kitty, kitty. and poor Anna

Christie M said...

My guess is he chased a squirrel up the pole and then looked down and got scared. He is a climber, always in a tree or something.... still very much a kitty. Anna is VERY worried, and I had to correct her behavior this a.m. because she was lashing out in snottiness..... ugh.

The fire department via animal control will come out, but said it would be better for him to come down on his own. They are concerned that if he gets scared of them, then he will jump to his death. So we are in wait and see mode.

Emily Minich said...

The fire department should let Anna ride up there in a crane thingy (whatever the name is of that box that the men use to fix telephone poles and lights.) Poor kitty. This is the most strange thing I've heard of all week. What on EARTH was that cat thinking! The whiskers are supposed to protect cats from getting stuck; I wonder why God didn't provide them with a that's-too-high-meter!

Annie said...

Oh, so sad! I remember my cat being up a tree; I was so worried. Eventually she did come down though; like a human, she seemed to realize that no one could help her but herself. But, the agony I experienced on her behalf!

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