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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posting and Purchasing

I removed a few things until we know more. :) I don't want to be presumptuous about outcome.  Please Keep us in your Prayers!  We want what is right before the Lord.   The Lord knows. :)  But we are moving Full Steam Ahead!

In the mean time, we had a wonderful day yesterday! The girlies went to Hobby Lobby and picked out their annual Christmas Ornament.  This tradition is one that I thoroughly enjoy. I love seeing them study and study and finally decide!
Of course Anna, could not decide. She had 2 kitten ornaments picked but she could only pick one.
She was really stressed about which one would fit "clow paw's personality".  She asked all of us our opinion,  and we told her both ornaments were wonderful, but she would need to decide.  She put them both back and said, "I can't decide!"
I told her, now sweetie, not deciding is deciding!  So, after a few encouragements, she finally decided!
You know what she decided?

She DECIDED that BUY ONE and let me get the other! LOL  Hey, I thought that was a good decision. They were 50% off. :)

Sarah picked a Ballerina, that is just adorable.
Erika picked a girl on a horse going around a barrell.
 For me, I picked a chicken sitting on a nest. :)
I think everything will fit onto the tree in a lovely way, and there will be one more hole cemented  letting the girls embrace once again the  solidity of permanence while celebrating the entire Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
This is Anna's 8th time to get an ornament.  It is Sarah's 6th, and Erika's 5th. (I think) LOL
They love getting the old ornaments out and looking at them... I love hearing them say, there it is! That is the one I picked!   Making those memories for them has replaced many bad memories that were there before.   It gives me hope for any children that may come into our family that they too will be able to make new memories that will last them for a life time. :)

We will make some ornaments this year too, to add to our tree.  I retired several very old things last year, it sorta made me sad..... but they really were falling apart. My boys are getting old! LOL
I still have some of what they made.   There was this Angel that Marcus made in 1st grade.  It finally fell apart, but NOT before I took a picture of it. :)  I need to scan the pic so I can show you his precious angel and hung on the wall every year. When he was in high school he said, "Mom, do you still have to hang that?" LOL   My answer was, "Yes!" YOU made it! :)

What plans do you have that are unique to your family that you repeat each year for your children to make memories?  Have they begun to connect Christmas or Thanksgiving with their new memories?


Diana said...

I love this idea of the ornaments so much that I shamelessly stole it. My tree decorations were in serious need of being replaced and this was the perfect fit for the occasion. We started last year and back tracked a bit so our story tree started the year we brought the boys home and became a family. We let each kid pick out an ornament last year to represent 2007, 2008, and then one for last year, 2009. For 2007, the year we adopted the boys, Amanda picked one that says "Big Sister". The boys picked "Baby's first Christmas." Can't remember what they did for '08. It will be fun to pull them out again in a couple weeks. There's a few special ornaments that we had from before that are part of our story, like some angels that say "faith" and "believe" and one of the three bears, which was our family before we adopted the boys.

We haven't been shopping for new ones for this year yet. Hmmm. Given the week ahead, maybe I should try to squeeze that in tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

Even though all holidays and celebrations are still on the rough side, my boys had never really ever celebrated Christmas. They didnt even know what it was, really. Nor did they even recognize the Grandfather Frost figure I purchased in Ukraine. So, Christmas hasn't been an overwhelmingly impassable trigger like some others are. In an odd way, I'm really grateful they'd never celebrated it. I do believe that has made it easier to accept here. Thanksgiving is pretty much an American holiday, so other than it being a close family celebration, the triggers aren't too intense and are getting better every year.

Christie M said...

Isn't it fun to bring out those old ornaments and see them remeber? I just love it. SO glad you started a new tradition with them. It really does help to create lasting, positive memories!

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