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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Why Am I Happy?

This was a note Anna wrote to me while I was on an important phone call.  She had this urgent look on her face and looked oh so worried!
She patiently sat while I finished my call, and could RE-READ her note.
Savannah is her Barbie Doll.  She asked this a.m. if she could color her hair and I said yes.
She didn't like the color so she washed it out and thought it was all out, but it wasn't, thus, when she lined her dolls up on the couch, food coloring wound up on the couch.
She did her best to clean it up.

I can hardly notice it.... and I'm glad we didn't go for the "White Linen" look.  :)

But, now to why I am happy.  My sweet girl came to me with a HUGE problem, knowing there was the possibility of me getting upset with food coloring on the couch, and she told the truth. She didn't wait for me to see it. She didn't wait for me to ask. She was proactive and honest.

THAT, made me GLAD that it happened and very happy that she has made such progress!
and on a side note: Her spelling is improving! LOL

Isn't her face just precious! His too, but.... you know what I mean. :)

Great Job Anna!


Diana said...

Love it!!!

Oxyclean may get the stain out of the couch if you act fast. You'll find that with the laundry detergents. Otherwise try BISSELL (it's the only brand that works) spot remover for carpet - the one in the blue bottle. You'll find that by all the vacuums and carpet soaps at your local big box mart of walls. One of those should take it out. Don't wait, though! The sooner you treat it, the easier it will come out.

Kathleen said...

That's HUGE!
Good job Anna!

And may I recommend some HOT water and BIZ detergent and a good scrubbing? I'm always amazed what comes out with Biz.

Christie M said...

Thank you for the suggestions. We are going to get on it right away. :)

:)De said...

"Truthful lips endure forever..." Proverbs 12:19 Very nice, Anna!

Annie said...

Lovely. I am so glad you are the kind of mother you are.

Melissa E. said...

That is awesome! I appreciate how pleased you are. We have truth issues around here, too. It is so good when I catch one catching himself BEFORE the lie pops out. I've seen that a few times recently from our chief liar. It gives me hope!
Good for you, Anna!

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