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Monday, December 13, 2010


A while back I wrote this post on the difference between teaching truth vs brain washing.

Recently, we were at the Library and the girlies were off deciding what books to get for the week. They are all very good readers, though Erika would prefer to knit than read. :)

The question came up from another mom, "How do you monitor all that they are reading to make sure they are allowed to read it?"  (paraphrased) 

The Answer is,   I don't. Now that is not to say I am not interested in what they read. I am. Much of the time they come and tell me anyway.   We also have a pretty good library at home with wholesome books to choose from.  There are times when I pick up a book and open it and check through it abit.... but pretty much, what I see from my girls is that they are good and determining if they should read something or not.

There is no way I could read ahead 20 plus books a week and keep up with my own life. Instead, we have given our children the tools to discern if a book is not appropriate.  This is a tool that all children must take and practice using in order to move into adulthood. 

If I continued through out their remaining years at home to monitor everything they read, how would THEY learn to use self control, wisdom and personal discernment?

There are many things we HAVE cut out of our daily lives that they will make decisions on at a later time, such as Television and Cable. Those are not available here, so it is something I don't worry about.
Because they are not bombarded with too much outside garbage from TV, they can focus more on books and what is a proper book to read.

Several times this year, I have been handed a book where our daughter says, "I don't think this one would be good to read because....."   So we don't shelter them from the because, but it brings up an avenue for discussion as to WHY it isn't good to read.

In flexing their little discernment muscles, we expect, that as their brothers did, they will leave with a strong sense of moral guidance and common sense.

Speaking of our older kids. Not everybody has the same tastes or ideas, but has picked a comfort level for themselves that fits.    Some of our boys are more conservative than we are in viewing material and reading material, some more liberal.  We are ok with that! After all, they are adults!  The big thing is, we want them to think, observe, disect and decide based upon truth what they choose to expose their minds to.

Our newest discussions are surrounding music.  It is fun watching Anna, who loves the sound of Country Music, look up words to decide if they belong on her MP3 player. She is very good about making sure what goes into her heart is not garbage. I think we were too strict in this area with our boys.  So we have loosened up a little bit, and it is fun watching the kids try to find quality music.

Of course Mike LOVES rock and roll..... I always tell him maybe the kids will rebel and listen to classical. :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

YEAH! I'm not a book censor either. Yet my kids usually pick good stuff... We tend to read a LOT of what they read because we read everything we can touch! I always have 2-3 books going at once... LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOKS!!

When I was young -book censoring was BIG. I was not allowed to read SO MANY books but I always read them anyway. I figured out ways to get hold of all the 'bad' books... Most of the books were really good books (Tolkien series etc) but were not allowed. I devoured them. I never wanted my kids to have to struggle to read a book like I did. So we let them read - we read much of what they read we discuss why some would put the series on the NOT READ list (like the Harry Potter books) and my boys have been blessed. For a year I homeschooled a set of kids who were not allowed to read most of what my boys were allowed to read. ONLY if it was by a Christian author was the motto. Those poor kids would hide in the bathroom to read our books. I never stopped them and just didn't tell their mom. SHHH.... I have a house filled from top to bottom with books and we are a very happy family indeed!

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