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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Pictures from Our Friends!

Thanks so much Steve and Melissa!
 This is Sarah and Papa Dima's Youngest Daughter Irra. Sarah was 4.
This is Erika and Sarah. Erika was 5 and Sarah was 4.

These are just precious to us!  It is amazing how important it is to find little pieces of our children's history from before we knew them.
Aren't they just adorable!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The cutie pies! Look at Erika, she was so tall, just like me!

Annie said...

Those are absolutely amazing photos! How I envy you! I've no pictures of my children before I met them. I was able to ask Ilya's and Nastya's grandmother and found that they HAVE no photos, no camera.....

Is there a post somewhere that explains how you came to get your daughters? Are Sarah and Erika biological sisters, then?

mommajeane said...

They are so precious and so little. What a gift for the girls and your family.

Christie M said...

Annie, The first posts on this blog are all about our trip to get Erika.
They are a series of "Live Emails".

Erika and Sarah were in the same orphanage together for a year. They were friends, but not bio sisters.

When Sarah came, (through disruption)
she had some pictures with her. One of those pictures was her smiling and Erika with the most profoundly sad face I have ever seen on a child.
She was losing once again anything or anyone she held precious. This time it was her Sarah.

As soon as we found out who she was, God prompted our hearts to bring her home, and 8 months later, a near 2 year separation for Erika and Sarah, they were sisters once again.

We are really thankful to Papa Dima for taking pictures of the girls.

These are the earliest ones we have.

There is one of Sarah at 2, in the TB Sanitarium after Papa Dima was able to get her to trust him. That is it.
Nothing at all of Erika before the age for 4 or 5.

But we ar thankful!
Sarah's story is on one of her anniversary posts. If you search for 3 years with our sarah or look up posts on Disruption, you might be able to find her story in there somewhere.
UGH, I really need to get this organized better. :)

Mamita J said...


What a precious gift!!! It's just a tender reminder that God knew our daughters before we did. :-)


MariaG said...

Beautiful picture ... beautiful girls ... and you have a beautiful (in EVERY way) family.
Maria (Canada)

Unknown said...

Such a blessing to have these photos!

Milena said...

Such adorable photos! What a treasure to have them - such a precious gift.

Holly said...

Cute photos! That's so cool that they have a part of their past before they were adopted. :)

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