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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Funny Things You Never Expect To Have a Discussion About

She has begun to outgrow her legs, and before that happens, they start a new pair so she won't go without. One time,  we waited too long and she wound up not having feet for a few months!
So, as we were sitting there waiting to see the doctor, the therapist, the prosthetist and everybody else that comes to see us every time we go,  and after she had put on her shorts..... we had a discussion about what her new legs would look like. 
So here we are, mother and daughter, sitting in a small room for what seemed like hours and we were talking about TATTOOS!  We were talking about what would adorn her legs next and her comment was, "Well mom, you know I don't like wearing dresses anyway, so if I didn't have to wear a dress, nobody would have noticed my playing cards and money. LOLSo then I say, but Erika, I really think you need to be prepared for Shorts and warmer weather, and really, we should be careful about what we want to portray on our legs..... and then I say, "If these weren't prosthetics, we wouldn't even be having this discussion! 

Sometimes it is hard, when there is STRONG influence to let the kids pick things that normally wouldn't be appropriate..... I think when they are littler, a butterfly or horse or princess is fine..... but now that they are older, I think we need to tone it down.
As we were driving home it kind of cracked me up that we were even having such a conversation.  If you had talked to me 10 years ago I wouldn't have understood anything about the world of prosthetics.
It is amazing how life changes.

Sarah has already agreed that she probably won't get anything put on her next set of legs.  I am hoping Erika feels the same way soon, even if she doesn't wear a dress. :) 
BUT.... I have put my foot down on the money and cards. ........that won't happen again.


Holly said...

LOL! I love this post! It is so utterly bizarre, and yet it makes perfect sense! I can see why you don't think it's suitable.

Perhaps the "money and playing cards" thing is something you will look back on and laugh at when she's older. :P

Annie said...

Ha! She certainly got you in a weak moment THAT day! I have been there and done that kind of thing myself.

Somehow I think I'd treat them as "virtual legs" and decree - NO Tattoos!

Lydia Price said...

I'm so glad I got to see you last Friday at SR. I wish I'd had more time.
That's funny about the tatoos. At least these aren't for life;)
Lydia Price

Christie M said...

Lydia, I am so glad too! It is exciting to see what the Lord has done! :) Congratulations on your new little girl. She is adorable!

Unknown said...

Now Christmas morning would have been the time to try on wool stockings. :)

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