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Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Parenting Stuff and Stories that Don't Make Sense.

(I changed the title)

Several weeks ago I was reminded of the Lamb Story.  This is a really good example of why TRUTH is so important, and accurate teaching is vital to parents.
1. The Famous Story I grew up with about the Shepherd and the Sheep..... and that sweet, SWEET picture of Jesus holding the little sheep that I just love......  The story goes, that Jesus is holding the little lamb because it ran away and he had to use his staff to BREAK IT'S LEG because that was the loving thing to do and now, he holds it till the leg heals and then the sheep will never wander off again......

I believed that story.   And then, as I was trying to find confirmation that it was true, I could only come up with more reasons as to why it ISN'T true.  Most of the info I found said the origin was unknown, and I found a poem by an author Unknown...... and then I got to thinking about it.....

So here is this shepherd out in his field with dozens of little lambs running about..... and BELIEVE ME, they do run off when given opportunity!  They run here and there and if a Shepherd were to use his STAFF to BREAK their LEG, how in the WORLD would he be able to do his job carrying all those baby sheep! LOL  The picture in my mind really made me chuckle.  He wouldn't.
 This is about all a Shepherd can hold... and then he'd have to leave his rod and staff to hold broken legged  lambs!

Thy Rod and Thy Staff they COMFORT me makes total sense.  Breaking little lambs legs doesn't.

As a person who has raised sheep AND goats, the only thing you could do for a sheep or lamb with a broken leg is to put it down. They are prone to infection, and would never be able to escape danger after having a leg broken.

I'm sure glad God doesn't put his sheep down, when we wander into sin.  He lovingly brings us close.
We do not FEAR our heavenly father.  Those who should FEAR Him, are those who would seek to take a little one away FROM him.  He PROTECTS His Sheep.  Sheep should rightfully fear those who wish them harm.
Scripture DOES warn sheep not to wander... and also says, "All we like sheep have gone astray".....but the Loving hand of the Shepherd, keeps those who are His,  close and safe.

2.  So, if somebody says,  "If you don't punish your children, you aren't disciplining them."
Discipline is DISCIPLESHIP...... Jesus DISCIPLIED the DISCIPLES, whom he called His Children.
I see in scripture where he corrected them and taught them.  He didn't beat them.

3. Every time my child does something wrong, I MUST PUNISH them or they are getting away with it."
Hog wash. Where is THAT is scripture?  Where does scripture say to PUNISH a Child each and every time they do something wrong?
What it DOES say, is if you do not Discipline your child, you hate your child. I TOTALLY AGREE with this.  Discipline=Disciple, come along side, teach, instruct, guide.

What if, as an employee, your boss yelled and screamed and berated every single mistake you made in your job.  Or, if they had a whip and they kindly came over to you every time you didn't do what they expected, known or unknown and lashed you and demanded that you be still and not move or they'd start again, AND if you didn't say "why thank you for that", they'd start again...... Not only would you not tolerate it, you'd most likely quit and press charges.  Sometimes, that is what kids do.
They quit; they give up.  How sad.

4. First time obedience, every time, or it isn't obedience.
I disagree.   We are human.... there is no such thing as perfection in the flesh.  First time obedience may  POSSIBLY be achieved in FEAR, or out of FEAR, but there is something inside going on that eventually will come out.... and it won't be good.
I DO believe our children should be obedient and respectful.  Just like I should be a perfect parent.
But, I'm not, and they aren't. AND THAT is where mercy and grace come in.
If we don't MODEL and LIVE mercy and grace to our children, they will learn to be great little law abiding pharisees.
I believe scripture refers to "white washed sepulchres full of dead men's bones".
But to this I will add: MOST of the time, we do have first time obedience, WITH cheerful hearts.
There are times when we don't, and it is dealt with.....but I must ask myself first:
1. Have I been fair?
2. Is this an off day?
3. What is going on underneath, is it a fear issue, a sin issue?
4. What can I do next time to cause a different result?

5.   "I am 100% CONSISTENT in Discipline, but I'm Not getting Any Results!"
Isn't that the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting
something different to happen? LOL   Sounds like the need for a big paradigm shift.

My conclusion:

I am one who does not like Chaos.  I like order and living orderly.  I like a peaceful home.
I love my husband as he is the same way.  He doesn't like chaos either.  Can you achieve a peaceful and happy home without spanking, punishing or threatening your children?  Can you have obedient children who like to obey MOST of the time?  Is your home filled with peaceful and joyful living without spanking?

YES. :) YES. :)  and YES!

And all of our baby lambs will remain intact with no broken legs. Thank You. :)


Christie M said...

This is sorta freaky, but after posting this, THIS AD popped up!

Buy Gourmet Leg of Lamb
Premium Grade Leg of Lamb From Allen Brothers. Buy it Here!


:)De said...

LOL! about the ad. I am encouraged by your grace based parenting.

Audrey P said...

I enjoy reading your blog and admire your parenting style. I will admit to being somewhat confused on the spanking issue... I was spanked as a child and don't feel damaged in any way as a result of it :) but neither can I say that spanking makes a lot of sense to me (especially when dealing with traumatized children). But how do you interpret Scripture that speaks of "beating with the rod" Proverbs 23:13-14, "the rod of correction" Proverbs 22:15, etc.? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on these verses.

Christie M said...

Randy and Audrey,
I am really sorry! I didn't answer your question! I was just looking for something and came across it again.
I am going to ponder this question and then make a separate post about it. Once again, I apologize.

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