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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oklahoma Couple Abused Adopted Children

Here we go again. Here is another case of Adopted Children being abused.  I am shocked by the allegations.... but more shocked at the amount of bail set. 9,000 dollars for the wife, and 7,500 for the husband. 
I find that offensive to the children. This judge, if I ever find out who he is, will be getting a personal letter from me.
It is also very upsetting to find out these people were using "home schooling" to hide their deeds. These people were NOT home schoolers!
There was a case a few years ago about a 4 boy sibling group who were rescued from their adoptive home. They were so underweight it was horrible. The parents said they had eating disorders. They didn't. They were being starved to death.  The boys are now FLOURISHING in their new adoptive home 6 years later. I was so thrilled to see this!

This is my hope and prayer for these children.


Unknown said...

I've written and deleted comments on your posts on this topic a couple of times. I don't think I'll ever really be able to write the comment the way I want it to. It just hits too close to home. But thank you for raising awareness.

Christie M said...

Hevel, thank you for your comments. You are free to comment here or email me your thoughts. I am sorry that you had to go through so much...it makes me MAD! My heart wants to help these children, but now they are in the foster care system for who knows how long. I just cannot believe this stuff goes on right under our noses!
It is heartbreaking. I don't like to write about it, as I don't want to sensationalize something..... but some things just can't be let go. The man said something like, the kids were already broken when we got them...... UGH.... I just cannot imagine these poor kid's lives. :(

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Christie, I read the article on CNN last night and was doing a slow boil till I got to the part about them homeschooling. Then I felt my blood pressure rise right up and I began crying. I told Paul that if I had 20 min. alone with the couple . . . they would know real fast that they weren't "homeschooling". I have been upset ever since reading the rediculously low bail the Judge set. I hope they don't just disappear off the face of the earth at that price. I also noticed that when the couple's bio children were interviewed, they did not refer to them (at least not what was qouted) as "Mom" or "Dad". It was "those people". Pretty telling, if you ask me. I'm so angry on so many fronts about the damage this does to both adoptive parents AND homeschoolers who truly care about their kids and will sacrifice anything and every thing for them. I'm bleeding and hurting for the kids who are now knocking around the foster care system . . . and wondering . . . "What next?" It's no wonder that I find some medical professionals view me extra suspiciously when I bring in my adopted daughter--much more so than with bios. It's painful, but if they see cases like this, or read about them . . . no wonder.

Christie M said...

HM- I did notice he said, "Those people".... and also that they had said they were not surprised by the allegations.
Yea, the homeschooling thing REALLY bugs me, because it keeps coming up.

:)De said...

Sigh.... Hevel I am so sorry. You did not deserve to be hurt. Words cannot express the sadness I feel when I hear of this...

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