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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out On A Limb Family Retreat

I have blogged before about the wonderful camp the girls go to in the Summer. During the Winter time, there is a family retreat that takes place as a follow up to summer camp. The entire family goes, so the siblings and other parents can have part of the special experience that makes up Peaceable Kingdom for Children.
We had a really great time this weekend!  As Abigail said, "It is amazing how 1 week in the summer and a weekend in the winter each year can bring you together like a family."  And that is exactly how it feels; like a very special family reunion each year.  Some of us see each other at the hospital during the year off and on as our appointments come together at the same time, yet sometimes the only time we see each other is at camp.

This weekend Anna's favorite thing was trying the Swing. It was her first time. She really loved it.

Sarah's favorite thing was playing the games. I didn't get many pictures of the crazy games they had us do, but it was fun.....
Here she is getting ready to swing.  Scott the Owner of the camp is getting her ready:

And here is her epic swing! :)
Erika's favorite was teasing her Prosthetist in training Nathan.  They got him with Water!  Erika also loves to visit her best friend Brittany.
It is funny how in the clinic, everything is so "Clinical".... "Hello, can you stand, can you walk, let me fix that, how does it feel..... "..... and at camp the very same rather stoic fellow is like, "GET EM!!! WHOOO HOOOO!" LOL   That was Nathan. :)
Erika had a great swing too!

Overall it was a really great weekend.  Here are some shots of the cabin and 
other activity shots:

 Getting ready for the day
 Getting out of the web
 Anna, enjoying a bird's eye view. :)
 Team work!

 They made the parents walk the plank too!
 This was Erika walking a tight rope wire.  It was a lot of work for her but she did it!
Sarah waiting to be hoisted up on the swing.

 Playing a game on an I pad.

The pictures do not do justice to what this camp is like. :)  A group of Motorcyclists came also from a local community and let the kids get on their bikes, honk the horns and rev the engines, then they joined us for dinner and games.  They were really nice people. They raise money for this camp each year.
There are a lot of wonderful people out there who really do care to make a difference in the life of somebody else..... We are hoping, HOPING that this summer, some Veterans who have lost limbs will be able to join us at Summer camp to encourage them.... They will go home changed.


Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Oh I so look forward to camp with Will & Ellie someday! Glad it was such a great retreat!

Annie said...

Gosh, I have to tell you that I am really ENVIOUS! The times in life when you get to feel that kind of connection and sharing with people are rare.

Sad thing that brought you together....but a happy result.

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