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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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“I pray because I can't help myself. I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God- it changes me.”
― C. S. Lewis


I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hinds Feet on High Places

For our bedtime devotional, we have started "Hinds Feet on High Places."  I read this to the girls and grand girls a few summers ago, and they loved it.  I decided since it has been a while and Alli is new; all the girlies could benefit from hearing this beloved Allegory once again.

I really like this version, as it is greatly illustrated and has some other devotional aspects to it.

 The girls were happy to listen to the first chapter tonight.  I am so thankful for such sweet, tender hearted girls. :)

I think this book is a WONDERFUL read, especially for a child who is struggling with fear, or a child who has an outward handicap.  What a beautiful illustration of our relationship with the Good Shepherd.

Anna and Guess

I really love this picture of Anna. :)  She is so thrilled to have a dog.  She has been working with Guess especially and he is like putty in her hands. :)  She was so proud to just look at him and see him sit for a treat. :) 
She has also been walking Guess and Stetson in the goat yard getting them ready for animals. Guess has been really great with the animals .....Stetson wants to chase them still, so he will be a little more work.

We also need them to get used to the dogs next door. We have a chain link fence between our properties, and the dog next door is feeling that his territory is being invaded..... :)  So he was barking and growling....  I hope they can make good friends and that they get used to each other.
I'm sure that will happen. He seems to be a pretty nice dog, but is used to having that fence all to himself.
Ahhh more life changes. :)

Mighty To Save!

And The Doctor Says.....

Miss Alli is Healthy! :) Horray!

I somehow already knew that. :)  She has been eating healthy, drinking lots of fluids, and sleeping well. :)
Somehow, when the Dr. says, "You're healthy, it just makes a mom feel better. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally Painting the Hotel For Dogs!

They were so excited to start painting! We really needed our rollers but they are all at the other house. Oh well, they'll have fun getting all "Painty". :)

So, where is Erika? She is enjoying listening to music in the room and getting her shower ALONE! :)
She is so grown up!  She is transforming to a teen right before our eyes! 
It was a GREAT day!

How Do You Know You're In A BCLC Home?

Even the Blue and the Gray can hold hands and smile. :)

Dog Fun

The girls are getting used to the dogs.  Everybody LOVES to walk Stetson because he is so easy. :)

Guess is a little more active.... He is a VERY good dog and is so smart. He LOVES to sit for his treats.
He is learning to walk on a leash instead of drag his owner. :)

The "Self Control" Tool

We have had such a great almost month!  One of the first things we did at the hotel pool was to have a talk about our "tool box".... The tool box is used to store tools to help us with our emotions.

One of the tools we put in our tool box at the hotel was "Self Control".  I explained to Alli that how we feel at any given moment isn't right or wrong, it is what we DO with how we feel.  There is nothing wrong with feeling frustrated.... all of us feel frustrated sometimes, it is what we DO when we are frustrated.
Teaching our children to give their frustration to the Lord is so important.  He is the bearer of our burdens and does such a great job bearing our burdens when we let Him! But when we try to take things into our own hands, and bear them ourselves, that is when we get muddled in our thinking and things don't go so well....
Alli and I discussed this a few times before we came home, and I prepared her that she would need to be ready to use her tool box.
Well, the night before last, we started to build a dog house for the dogs.  Daddy is actually building more like a caddilac dog hotel! It is REALLY cool. I'll take a picture when it is finished. :)
Alli had it in her mind that we were going to paint it right away.  We explained that we cannot paint it until it is finished.
She began to hyper focus on the painting and wasn't enjoying the building and then.... she got frustrated... "What are we going to do if we don't paint it! Where are the dogs going to sleep if it isn't finished! and so on".....
We realized that she was starting to get upset, it was suggested that she use her tools.... "Open your tool box quick! Which tool should you use?"   :)
She quickly said, "My self control tool?"  YES! That is right!
So we took some deep breaths and   stayed in rhyhm with each other.... after about 10 breaths, she was calm, and then we talked about what was going to happen with the dog house and the painting. She was able to express her disappointment about not painting right then, but understood why and accepted it and even helped....
These are HUGE strides for a little one with such a trauma background. :)  We are celebrating each success!

Limb Loss Awareness Month

Many belonging to Amputee Coalition of America asked our governors to Make April Limb Loss Awareness Month... and Rick Perry, of Texas came through! Yea Governor Perry!  I received this very special document in the mail yesterday, hand signed by the Governor. :) Whoo Hoo!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exercise Before Bedtime

Pics of Joe Becca Sam and Truman

 Joe, Becca and Truman at Pei Wei

Sam learning how to use Chop Sticks
Having a good discussion with Joe. :)

Truman and Ya Ya

When we went to get Alli, I had the honor of meeting my grandson Truman for the first time!  He was AWESOME, as was Sam. :)

So here are me and Truman.....Love that little guy! Thanks Joe and Becca for coming to visit! :)

Clomping Around

Two little girls have been clomping around the house all morning...... They are apparently "decision challenged", so they picked one of each shoe. LOL

Ahhh The Start of a Great Day!

It is amazing what a good night's sleep will do. :)  I am not quite done with the new school room, but 3 of them are in there working away.

 Sarah is working on an Art History project.

I tweaked a little of Erika's math so that she doesn't feel so overwhelmed.....and she is a happy camper. :)
Everybody is anticipating going to pick up Stetson and Guess..... this afternoon.
Alli said this a.m..... "I loved helping daddy with the dog house, I can't wait to paint it!"  Alli is very "hands on" and likes lots of tangible activity.  Painting the dog house will be a delight for her.

She and Anna and Sarah  designed what they wanted the dog house to look like on paper, and Daddy added a few neat touches, including a place to store food! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, today was a Loooonnnggg Monday! :)
We started out with the weepies, and we ended with the last one standing..... down with the weepies. LOL
Everybody really did have a good day.... They did school work, worked on the new dog house with Daddy, played with the goats, rode bikes, did some chores, but there was this..... sorta.....feel that something wasn't right.
I started to feel a little sick tonight. Actually a LOT sick tonight. My skin feels all crawly.... and I have a slight fever. Mike had it last week. Thanks dear.  I'm not sure now if my own perception is off.....

Now, tonight, our sweetie who wishes to not be named..... just looked sad.  I was really worried as she is always so joyful.... as I inquired she said, "I don't want to say what is wrong."  That REALLY made me worry.... so we played this sorta guessing game.....
I was guessing all about her security, and she rolled her eyes, "No mom".....
And then, I asked, "Is it school?"   BWAAAAAHHHHAAAAAHAAAAA!
I thought it was something MUCH worse like insecurity or jealousy.... no, it was School.....
I asked, "what could be so wrong with school?"  "Math, I'm behind."  "Ummm actually you are AHEAD! You finished your math book early and started on a new one last week, what are you talking about you are behind!" 
She was being way too hard on herself.  Golly, our entire lives have changed, been turned upside down.... 1/2 a lesson behind what was planned is really no biggie!  But I'm glad she told me. :)

We finally got to the grocery store and got everything put away, girlies are in bed an hour late, but that is better than 2 hours late, and hopefully tomorrow we can concentrate on school...AND, tomorrow evening we pick up Stetson and Guess. :)
Ahhh, nothing like being dragged through life..... :)

Sense and Sensibility

It has been one of those mornings....Think... "Sense and Sensibility" where there are tears for relatively no reason at all...... The English ladies  succumb like dominoes in this one particular scene that I have always found rather humorous.  That about describes my morning.
But I am Emma Thompson, sitting on the couch, sipping my tea... in actuality, coffee.  :)

Oh the dreadfulness of learning new math, of correcting a paper, of having to go to the doctor..... of sharing daddy, of not being allowed to drink a coke at lunch.....as if that were a new, unknown thing....LOL

Yep, life is sinking in, and we are working at finding our new norm.... We'll get there, slow and steady and HOPEFULLY this is the last week of doctor appts. for a WHILE!  (Thursday somebody has another one)

Love those little girls. :)

Dr. Today

Today Anna is headed to the Doctor..... While I was gone, she doesn't know what she did, but her hand hurt a little. At first, because she described a burning sensation we thought she got into stinging nettles. Our friend's daughter got into stinging nettles at the same time so it was "assumed".....There was no visible trauma to her hand and she didn't fall etc.

But over the last week, she says it feels fine and then it hurts a little. I have been giving her Traumeel, and she seems to go all day with no pain, and then at night, it starts to "sting a little".....

So, since it has been almost 2 weeks with slight improvement, great improvement and then back to square one, we are headed to the doctor..... The strange thing is, there is nothing visible like swelling.
She doesn't want to go to the doctor, but this has gone on long enough for mom to be worrying.

HMMMM..... I can't figure this one out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kate and Lillian

Oh How I miss my grand daughters! It has been so long since they left.... but we are able to talk on the phone and email all the time.

Lilly Bean is almost finished with first grade and Kate is almost finished with 9th grade!!!!! WOW!
Did I say that I miss them?  I DO!  And I know that they miss us too.  LillyBean calls and asks to talk to each person in the family.... Today she called and said, "I would like to my new Aunt Alli!" 
That little girl is just sooooo sweeet!  I am REALLY hoping they can all make it for Thanksgiving!
IF they can, and Joe and Becca make it too, we just MIGHT all be together once again, and for the first time! :)
I LOVE my family, each and every one of them.... but as they get older, it is hard to get together.

So glad that there is Email, Facebook and Blogging..... They keep us all connected.

Stetson and Guess

We went to visit the dogs this afternoon. The animal shelter has a play yard for the dogs to play in. We had not witnessed them together.  At first they barked at each other, and then after a few minutes, they calmed down and played hard for the rest of the time we were there. 

I think both of them are going to be ball chasers.  Stetson is a tease. He has such interesting expressions... You could almost see what he was thinking. He is very playful.
Guess is a  little more hyper and went full force but tired out as Stetson wore him down. LOL

Stetson is gentle and Guess is rougher, but they are both really good dogs. Mike was pleased with our choices. :)
Here are some pictures and some video. :)

Running in a circle FAST!
Daddy, Anna and Erika building a dog hotel.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Arrangement

4 girlies in one household can make one think "outside the box"!  We decided it was best to keep them all together, so we had some re-arranging to do! That is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!

We basically moved, without moving....LOL  Mike and I moved out of our room into the room across the hall. The girlies moved from their room into the master bedroom, and the bedroom that once belonged to the girlies is now a school/exercise room!  WOW! It was a busy 3 days!

But..... I am pleased to report that we are all pretty used to the new arrangement.... The girlies even took over our bathroom in the master bedroom and Mike and I have their other bathroom.......

Here are a few pictures of our new rooms. :)
 We need to paint this room..... hopefully this summer!
 Can you guess where Anna sleeps? LOL
Alli and Sarah have the bottom double bunk.... (they blew up balloons and wrote sweet notes to us on them.... "I love my family" and "I love you mommy and daddy".
 The view from the bathroom.
 I miss my closet!
 Princess Erika gets the Day Bed
 This is our new room....
Mr. Blue Bear is now about 27 years old! He was Marcus's bear when he was a baby. :)


My  cyber friend from Smiles and Trials posted this today. It is worth seeing and passing around!
Thanks Christine. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sunny Knock Out Rose

Our special friend Kathi brought this over when she came for a visit. :)  It is called "The Sunny Knock Out Rose" bush. :)
She gave it to Alli as a gift, with a beautiful note about the deep roots of love, and a blossoming life about to unfold.  :)

What a sweet gesture! I can't wait for the day Alli sees her rose bush bloom! I can't wait for her to bloom right beside it. :)

Kirill's Story

Kirill's Story is heartbreaking.... But we have a very big God.  Please pray for this precious family to bring home their little one from Russia.

Peace To You

My friend Hevel posted this on his blog....I love Rich Mullin's music. :)

Our Noelles

I took this last night in an impromptu moment. :) They were having a last snack before bedtime.
I just love how they came together when I said, "Photo time!" LOL

I cannot say enough about how wonderful each and every one of them are doing. :)
I am so proud of each of them.
Life changes are not easy for anybody, yet they have ALL stepped up to the plate and hit home runs.

Someday, these little ladies, just like our sweet sons will be grown and have families of their own.
The time is so short.   It seems like yesterday that our oldest son Chuck, was playing with his huggies box and eating 2 jars of food for each meal.... Our second son Tim, was finally sucking on a bottle at 6 months,
our 3rd son Joseph,was finally potty trained, our 4th son Marc, layed a log on the carpet and covered it up with a paper towel so I wouldn't notice.... LOL
That Anna announced that "She had no idea what she was going to wear" on her first morning home, that Sarah, gave Anna  a bloody nose for "taking the covers" on her second day home, that Erika said, "bye bye Ukraine" and made me cry tears of joy, and now, that Alli said, "I love you Mom and Dad!"

We cherish each moment..... so many wonderful memories.  So much to look forward to.
Nite Nite Big Men, Nite Nite Little Ladies..... Nite Nite all my children. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Stetson: A Cataloua Leopard Cattle Dog- He is very calm and had a tender disposition. He is 1 year old
 He is a Border Collie Mix.  He was a little more active, but he is just 9 months old.
He was VERY SWEET nature and seemed eager to please for a treat.
Any Name Ideas are welcome:  The first name the girlies came up with is Spot.

We went to the dog shelter today after returned Mr. Duke back from his doggie field trip. :)
Last night I went online and located 5 potential dogs not far away at a different shelter.  So off we went. 
In my previous post, I mentioned about the near nuclear meltdown yesterday over  getting a dog, so today, BEFORE we went into the shelter.... I explained very clearly:

When we go into the shelter, I expect young ladies to behave like ladies. I expect that you will be kind and respectful and THEN we will look at a few dogs. We are going to be patient and see each dog separately and then we will look if there are any more we should look at.  I want you to remember that there is a CHANCE we will NOT get a dog today if we don't find the right one.
I CAN PROMISE YOU however, if there is any acting out, or unpleasant behavior, we will have to leave and come back another day, so you can be in control.... Do you understand what I am telling you?
"Yes"..... Can you repeat back to mommy what I am expecting from you?  YES..... "You want me to be kind and respectful.  You want me to not get mad if we don't find a dog."
That is right! READY!!! YES!

And we all went into the shelter.   They were all perfect little ladies.  We visited several dogs and everybody agreed on which two dogs to get.

THEN...... a potential upset happened.  We can't pick the dogs up until Tuesday because they both need to be neutered.  So, I looked at Miss Alli and let her know...... She smiled and said, "That's ok, I understand."  GOOD GIRL!

And with that, we signed all the papers and we will go to visit them on Sunday Afternoon with Daddy. :)
Stetson is a Cataloua Cattle Dog and Woody is a Black and  White Border Collie Mix.
We are so excited!
So PROUD of her keeping it together! YEA!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our First Big Conflict

Today, while Erika and I went to get her legs worked on..... fitting problems......
Daddy took Anna, Sarah and Alli to pick out a dog. 
Alli's comfort is all wrapped up in an animal right now. 
We made it VERY CLEAR, this dog would be an outside dog. It would need to be able to blend in with animals, and be friendly.....

Well, the dog daddy really wanted to pick, won't be ready until Monday. It was just turned in.  The other dog was a fence climber and roamer, and then there was a dog named DUKE.  Duke is a Jack Russell Terrier mix.  He is nice, and was given on LOAN for the night, as Alli's anxiety was way up wanting to bring something home.

We have another shelter to look at tomorrow. They were closed today. The lady was VERY UNDERSTANDING and allowed us to take the dog home for the night.

Well, the first thing he did was tear all the tail feathers out of the first chicken he saw. LOL
Alli knew he could not be an outside dog, and she began to negogiate with daddy to MAKE him an inside dog.
She was very upset and angry.  Daddy was gently talking with her when Erika and I arrived home... and then we both sat down with her to talk.
We reminded her of the "outside dog" rule.  She began to exclaim with hand motions and all, "HE CAN'T STAY OUTSIDE< HE'LL KILL THE CHICKENS! 
I said, that is correct... that is why he is just visiting. :)

So we said, "Alli, IF YOU REALLY love animals like you say you do, then do you REALLY think this is the best home for Duke?  He has a history of biting small children and he would have to be put away when relatives visit.  Do you think Duke would be happy in such a small play area? He won't be able to mix with the other animals....
We asked her to take some deep breaths and calm down and then we could all talk in normal voices.
She did, and then admitted we did not have the right home.
We let her know that there is no way for him to find the right home unless we return him.
She began to come back to her senses, and then said, "I guess we'll need to take him back tomorrow."
Yes, we will. :)
Now, we'll be looking again for another dog, but in the mean time, you best go outside and help Duke enjoy his field trip from the Pound! :)
But, before you do, is there anybody you need to say you are sorry to? 

She said, "Yes.... I'm sorry Daddy... and she gave him a big hug.... and then  she went out to spend some time with Duke to make his day happy. :)

I'm sure we will see more of the same things. Glad she responded well.

How Do You Pick Up the Pieces?

How do you pick up the pieces of a shattered life?  Where do you begin? Where do you start?
At what point, will she feel settled?  At what point will we not have to say, "I have to get you one too, or I will need to order your book or here is where you will put your things; when they arrive......

It is heart wrenching to see a child, about to embark on becoming a lady, to be back at the starting gate all over again!  So many losses, so little to show for her first 11 years..... just a few boxes that have not arrived.

Hardly any pictures of her past. No pictures from Russia, except for a coveted dvd of her interview, which is now in a language she no longer understands.

Her understanding of English, though she can speak it well, is limited. I find myself needing to explain things and I have picked up on when she nods in agreement that she has NO IDEA what I am saying. :)
So I am getting used to asking her, "Do you understand what I said?"  Most of the time it is no, with a shy grin.....
We took the time yesterday a.m. to explain Daddy's joke to her... and when she finally got it, she laughed. :)

I moved a lot as a child.... but my moves consisted of my entire family moving from one place to another.....

Alli's moves have consisted of starting over with nothing but broken dreams and a few belongings; much of what she isn't really interested in keeping.  However, we WILL keep them..maybe storing them in the attic.
I seem to remember a little girl named Anna who didn't want ANYTHING she brought and wanted to give all her toys away to poor children, only to change her mind 3 weeks later when it was too late. :)
She talked forever about the dolly that she gave away that said, "Hand". LOL

I know better this time than give things away.

Last night, she said she didn't want any goats or any animals. She didn't want them because she just wanted to forget all the animals left behind.
We talked about how this will not be a solution..... to never have an animal again because you miss your old animal won't heal your heart. But mourning the loss you have, and then opening your heart to love another animal will help a great deal!

I think the same is very true for people. Many children will have been so hurt by former experiences with parents, foster parents, care givers etc. they will close their hearts to ever loving another person.
I am REALLY glad that Alli has not gone so far..... but that does not mean we don't have much work to do. We DO.... Her response to the animals is an indication to me as to how her mind is thinking.

I pray for this dear child that she can attach to a new dog. YEP, we are getting a dog!
Daddy will have the privilege of taking the girls to pick it out.  Alli needs more time spent with Daddy for bonding.  I had 2 weeks alone, daddy hasn't been able to have that time except for Sunday.....
Of course we have her whole life, but golly I just want her to feel settled.

But truly! Only the Lord enlightening us, bringing our hearts His peace and His Understanding, and trusting His ways will bring about total healing.

Just love all our little Noelles. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Opportunity

Today I had an opportunity to talk with Miss Alli about something and see how she responded or reacted.... I am THRILLED to report she responded so very well.....

My friend had called, and it was an important call. As we were talking about a very specific situation, 2 of the girls came running to me to tell me Alli was weeping in the closet.

I told my friend. "I'm sorry, I HAVE to go now, I'll call you back." And then, I ran to the closet.
At that, Miss Alli jumped out and started laughing.... she was just kidding. :)
She had no intent or malice, she  was just being a little girl.....

I asked her if I could hold her, and I then told her, "Mommy was talking to a friend about something very important, but YOU are WAY more important than any phone call, so I hung up to come and comfort you.... but you were kidding.
I really needed to talk to my friend, because they needed me.....so I am going to call them back.... but I need you to not pretend you are crying as a joke, because it isn't honest. Ok?

With that, she burst into tears and said, "I am sooo sorry mommy!"  "I didn't know!"

So we rocked and rocked and I comforted the real tears, and genuine repentance came from her. Poor baby.  I told her, "I am not upset at all, of course you didn't know... I'm just trying to help you TO know, that Mommy LOVES you so VERY much, and if you are sad, I will ALWAYS come to comfort you! We snuggled for a while, and then she had this big smile! :)
Love that little Noelle!

And BTW- Erika is the BEST OLDEST SISTER! She has taken little Alli under her wings and is just so good and sweet to her. :)


3 weeks ago today we got the call that changed our lives forever..... Getting a call like this, and having to leave the next morning is alot like finding out you are pregnant and the baby is coming TOMORROW!

There is no time to prepare!

We had already prepared emotionally before, and then we thought it wasn't going to happen.....
Then, it did! LOL

So much of this week since we have been home was spent moving furniture, bringing in an extra bed and basically preparing after the one we were preparing for was already home! But that is ok... she liked helping get things set up. :)

We have had  a GREAT 3 weeks.
All of our girlies have been sweet hearts and good sports through all of mama's antics of trying to move one room to another and another to another and then pare down on other things and change bathrooms.... literally it was like moving without going anywhere! At least the Spring Cleaning is done! LOL

I  am so proud of each of the girls.
One thing I noticed about Alli is that she has the cutest giggle. She and Erika were in the van with me running an errand and they were giggling together..... it really was darling.
Alli really looks up to Erika as the big sister... and Erika loves that role.

I have watched Sarah and Alli together and those two can play and play and play.....they are doing well together and have lots of fun!

I have also observed Alli and Anna together. They are getting along really well and share goat stories and horse stories.  They laugh at each others antics and like climbing the fence at the same time.

It is really fun watching all of this unfold so naturally. :)

Mike and I have both enjoyed watching each of them adjust to our new life together. :)
Tonight will be our first Family Worship Night together. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

1-2-3- GO!

Here's to a GREAT School WEEK! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

God Answers Our Prayers According To HIS Will

I have been reflecting on the last 3 weeks..... (it will be 3 weeks on Tuesday since we got the Call for Alli) But the truth is, we got the "Call" for Alli last November. We felt then, that it was part of God's plan for her to join our family, and then things went up, down and around and around until I didn't know which end was up.  In the end, we decided that the Lord knew, and it was not for us to know, but to rest in Him.  It didn't make sense, then, but it does now. That is always how it is.

One of our first conversations together, Alli and I discussed God's plan.  This is a new concept for her.... and as I told her we had been praying for her all along, she listened intently.  She then said, "I prayed that I wouldn't have to leave my horse, but God didn't answer my prayer."
My heart broke for her. I wouldn't want to leave my horse either! "Why didn't God answer MY prayer?"

I hugged her for a few minutes and then told her about Tim, our son who has Cerebral Palsy.
I explained what happened to Tim when he was a baby, and explained what CP was, and then told her that I prayed to the Lord every single day that God would heal him, and He didn't! Instead He chose to leave our Tim with Cerebral Palsy. He chose for me to be the mama of a special needs child who would not walk for a very long time.
Back then, I didn't understand WHY God would say no.  But I understand perfectly NOW. I understand how it fit into His plan!  I understand how God knew what was best for Me and for Tim, and I am THANKFUL for the lessons learned in life, while raising our sweet son.

I went on to explain to Alli..... God DID answer your prayer. He said no, just like he said no to mama 30 years ago....and I am glad He did!  But He didn't say NO, you can't have a horse. He said, No, I have something MUCH BETTER for you.  God sees what is best for us even if it might hurt in the short term. I let her know that I believe with my WHOLE HEART that she was meant to be in our family... and she is VERY special.  Right now, you may not understand that, but you will in time! YOU WILL! Just like Mama does now....
She has embraced the idea, that she is a big part of God's plan, and she is actually excited about it.....
Who knows, someday, we may have a horse! :)

Day 4 of Being Home

The last almost 3 weeks have flown by!  Daddy and Alli stayed home from church today, as we did not want her to get overwhelmed by too many people.  I think she was a little relieved.
Last night we went to a small group get together with a meal, singing and a little study time, and she did great playing with everybody. But I think she wore herself out and was very tired.

Last night Daddy and she talked about her old animals and her new animals. She is definitely an Animal LOVER! Animals don't lie to you. They don't hurt you. (unless they are Bryan our billy goat) And they certainly don't reject you. Animals are safe.

Believe it or not, we are considering getting a dog.  We have not owned a dog in more than 10 years.
Honestly, I do not miss the mess a dog brings.... but the benefit of having a loyal companion will be very good for her. 

While the other girlies and I were at Church, Daddy took Alli to see the lake, throw some rocks, collect some shells and sit and talk awhile.  When I got home, she was beating  daddy at a game of Backgammon.  He managed to do ALL that during Sunday School and Worship service! LOL

We had a nice lunch and then started the finishing touches together on our major moves from room to room.  I had to move all our bathroom stuff to the other bathroom, and their stuff to their bathroom.
Farewell old bathroom! I shall miss you! GREATLY! :/

The girlies are VERY happy with their new room arrangement, and there is PLENTY of room to play Barbies. 

God has truly blessed us with our new daughter. We are so proud of her, and of ALL of them.
They are doing just wonderful together. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Noelles

"Mom! Take our picture! "...... they are supposed to be going to sleep. :)  They all piled on Erika's new day bed for one more picture. LOL

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alli is a Dancer Too!

When Anna and I were outside cleaning the porch, the other girls were supposed to be finishing getting their things put into the new bedroom..... they managed to take a break and film this! LOL

Girl Bonding Time

Alli and I had to stay in NC for 2 full weeks before we could go back to Texas. We went shopping, to the museums, park, Church, out to eat and we swam EVERY day..... it was a great time to bond and get to know one another.  Here are a few things we did together. She is a great toe artist. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweetheart Truman!

Another reason to rejoice in God's blessings!

My Grandson Sam

One of the great things about going to get Alli, was that 4 of my favorite people got to visit at the hotel! Joe, Becca, Sam and Truman..... Sam is a sweetheart and a Character!
He is a good reason to rejoice in Ya-Ya-hood!

Raising Kids for TRUE Greatness

Before I left for the airport, I grabbed a book that I had been wanting to read, but hadn't had time.
I bought it over a year ago, and FINALLY got to read it.  I must say, it was a breath of fresh air in many ways.

I like to read books, but I don't always agree with EVERYTHING in each book I read, and that includes this one.  HOWEVER, It is a DEFINITE worth read!

The book is titled "Raising Kids for True Greatness" by Tim Kimmel. 
The reason I love it so much, is that he has proper perspective on what is truly important, and what TRUE greatness is! 

This book is not focused on Trauma, or adoption. It is focused on something that will be an answer to many trauma issues.  FORGIVENESS, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, GUIDANCE, TRUST....etc.

Try it, you'll LIKE it.... and it will take a lot of pressure off of those who feel that they cannot "compete".

You Are Still Holy