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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alibris.com and History

I found this website that is a clearing house for used, hard to find, out of print books of all sorts!
One of my favorite books for history has been America's Own Story.  It was a history book I personally used in elementary school and really loved. 
As I was looking at the introduction, I realized this book was a part of a series. I had no idea. So I went to the Alibris website that viola! There were the other books! I ordered them and can't wait to get them, as we will be using them for future study.
Another fabulous book SET is called "A Picturesque Tale of Progress".  It was written in the 1950's and is a 9 volume set. I purchased it from EBAY about 15 years ago, and LOVE it.  The pictures inside are hand painted or tainted.... amazing detail and beautiful.  The books are informative and cover so much history.
The next set of books I will be introducing in the next couple of years will be The Uncle Eric Book Series. "What ever happened to Penny Candy?"  "Ancient Rome, How it Effects You Today", "Whatever Happened to Justice?"  "Are you Liberal Conservative or Confused?"  and a few others.
This series is really well written and you can also order workbooks to go along with them, if you like.

I LOVE teaching history and seeing the girls eyes light up when we read something they already know about and can then recall.
That happened today. Anna knew the name Tamerlane... and that he was related to Ghengis Khan. They all excitedly raised their hands when I asked what another name for Vikings was?  "OOOH OOOH I KNOW I KNOW!"  Yes, Northmen..... and then, one of them said, "Our friends live in Denmark now.... are their still Vikings there? :)

We are starting our study on Conquests, Exploration and Colonization..... we are going back a little bit in time to cover the Vikings for about 2 weeks, and then we will move forward to our more famous travelers of the World..... from the Various Countries in the Known World.....why they came, where they went, what they saw and more........
Did I say I LOVE history? :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh I love history, too! And famous explorers through the ages! The Vikings and how they discovered America, the Polynesian people how they populated... well, Polynesia, the Hungarian Sándor Kőrösi Csoma, who compiled the first Tibetan-English dictionary, and all the others. :)

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