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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Arrangement

4 girlies in one household can make one think "outside the box"!  We decided it was best to keep them all together, so we had some re-arranging to do! That is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!

We basically moved, without moving....LOL  Mike and I moved out of our room into the room across the hall. The girlies moved from their room into the master bedroom, and the bedroom that once belonged to the girlies is now a school/exercise room!  WOW! It was a busy 3 days!

But..... I am pleased to report that we are all pretty used to the new arrangement.... The girlies even took over our bathroom in the master bedroom and Mike and I have their other bathroom.......

Here are a few pictures of our new rooms. :)
 We need to paint this room..... hopefully this summer!
 Can you guess where Anna sleeps? LOL
Alli and Sarah have the bottom double bunk.... (they blew up balloons and wrote sweet notes to us on them.... "I love my family" and "I love you mommy and daddy".
 The view from the bathroom.
 I miss my closet!
 Princess Erika gets the Day Bed
 This is our new room....
Mr. Blue Bear is now about 27 years old! He was Marcus's bear when he was a baby. :)


:)De said...

Whew! I'm tired just from looking at the pictures. LOL! Everything looks great. I would miss your bathroom too.

Unknown said...

That must have been some work! But everything looks good and cozy. So no "own room" for the girlies for now?

I really wanted to get a bunk bed like yours for the twins, but that's a big no-no for any potential home studies here.

Ivy said...

wow. so does that mean that you and mike will be getting the cots/floor for friday night slumber party?

Annie said...

I love rearranging rooms. The girls must adore that bathroom!

Christie M said...

They LOVE the bathroom! LOL
Ivy, we used a foam mattress last week, but I couldn't last very long on it. I think the cots will be the best thing. :)
I'm still tired.... LOL

Christie M said...

You are correct. No own rooms for now... we need to add on somehow. LOL

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