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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our First Big Conflict

Today, while Erika and I went to get her legs worked on..... fitting problems......
Daddy took Anna, Sarah and Alli to pick out a dog. 
Alli's comfort is all wrapped up in an animal right now. 
We made it VERY CLEAR, this dog would be an outside dog. It would need to be able to blend in with animals, and be friendly.....

Well, the dog daddy really wanted to pick, won't be ready until Monday. It was just turned in.  The other dog was a fence climber and roamer, and then there was a dog named DUKE.  Duke is a Jack Russell Terrier mix.  He is nice, and was given on LOAN for the night, as Alli's anxiety was way up wanting to bring something home.

We have another shelter to look at tomorrow. They were closed today. The lady was VERY UNDERSTANDING and allowed us to take the dog home for the night.

Well, the first thing he did was tear all the tail feathers out of the first chicken he saw. LOL
Alli knew he could not be an outside dog, and she began to negogiate with daddy to MAKE him an inside dog.
She was very upset and angry.  Daddy was gently talking with her when Erika and I arrived home... and then we both sat down with her to talk.
We reminded her of the "outside dog" rule.  She began to exclaim with hand motions and all, "HE CAN'T STAY OUTSIDE< HE'LL KILL THE CHICKENS! 
I said, that is correct... that is why he is just visiting. :)

So we said, "Alli, IF YOU REALLY love animals like you say you do, then do you REALLY think this is the best home for Duke?  He has a history of biting small children and he would have to be put away when relatives visit.  Do you think Duke would be happy in such a small play area? He won't be able to mix with the other animals....
We asked her to take some deep breaths and calm down and then we could all talk in normal voices.
She did, and then admitted we did not have the right home.
We let her know that there is no way for him to find the right home unless we return him.
She began to come back to her senses, and then said, "I guess we'll need to take him back tomorrow."
Yes, we will. :)
Now, we'll be looking again for another dog, but in the mean time, you best go outside and help Duke enjoy his field trip from the Pound! :)
But, before you do, is there anybody you need to say you are sorry to? 

She said, "Yes.... I'm sorry Daddy... and she gave him a big hug.... and then  she went out to spend some time with Duke to make his day happy. :)

I'm sure we will see more of the same things. Glad she responded well.


Diana said...

TRAUMA SUCKS!! I hate what it does to kids!

I'm sure you've already been doing this because you're completely amazing like that and it just didn't make your blog, but definitely keep reminding her about a million times that even though this isn't the right home for the dog, it IS the right home for her and you're not sending her back.

Christie M said...

I see these moments as opportunities to show her how loved she is.
I seem these moments to be Christ to her... and let her see that even though she is moving all over the place emotionally, we will be that tree planted by still waters and provide the refreshing drink she so needs.
I was talking with Anna earlier today, and she had noticed a few things that reminded her of what SHE was like a long time ago.
I asked her to think about what she may have been like had she not been adopted 7 years ago and continued down the same destructive path.
She and I hugged.... and without words, we connected in a neat way....Anna knows....
And then, I said to her....
Just think of what she is going to be like when she begins to heal!! She had a big smile....

Christie M said...

Another thing: Alli is desperate for a dog to love. SO desperate.....
I think she panicked when she reality hit that we were not keeping this dog.

Tonight, we were all thinking on the right track...what is best for the dog, and what is best for the family.

Annie said...

Wowee... I'm embarrassed because in all honesty, I think she handled that better than I would!!

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