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Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Stetson: A Cataloua Leopard Cattle Dog- He is very calm and had a tender disposition. He is 1 year old
 He is a Border Collie Mix.  He was a little more active, but he is just 9 months old.
He was VERY SWEET nature and seemed eager to please for a treat.
Any Name Ideas are welcome:  The first name the girlies came up with is Spot.

We went to the dog shelter today after returned Mr. Duke back from his doggie field trip. :)
Last night I went online and located 5 potential dogs not far away at a different shelter.  So off we went. 
In my previous post, I mentioned about the near nuclear meltdown yesterday over  getting a dog, so today, BEFORE we went into the shelter.... I explained very clearly:

When we go into the shelter, I expect young ladies to behave like ladies. I expect that you will be kind and respectful and THEN we will look at a few dogs. We are going to be patient and see each dog separately and then we will look if there are any more we should look at.  I want you to remember that there is a CHANCE we will NOT get a dog today if we don't find the right one.
I CAN PROMISE YOU however, if there is any acting out, or unpleasant behavior, we will have to leave and come back another day, so you can be in control.... Do you understand what I am telling you?
"Yes"..... Can you repeat back to mommy what I am expecting from you?  YES..... "You want me to be kind and respectful.  You want me to not get mad if we don't find a dog."
That is right! READY!!! YES!

And we all went into the shelter.   They were all perfect little ladies.  We visited several dogs and everybody agreed on which two dogs to get.

THEN...... a potential upset happened.  We can't pick the dogs up until Tuesday because they both need to be neutered.  So, I looked at Miss Alli and let her know...... She smiled and said, "That's ok, I understand."  GOOD GIRL!

And with that, we signed all the papers and we will go to visit them on Sunday Afternoon with Daddy. :)
Stetson is a Cataloua Cattle Dog and Woody is a Black and  White Border Collie Mix.
We are so excited!
So PROUD of her keeping it together! YEA!


Holly said...

I'm not really a doggie person, but those two look pretty sweet, and almost like they're smiling. :)

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Aww they are adorable. And perfect. Name suggestions? Stetson is the name of a type of hat. So what about Bailey, as it is too?

Ariadne said...

I think a hat name would be good too!
How about:

Love and enjoy your dogs girls and many good wishes to Alli.

Christie M said...

Well, over dinner we decided on names.

Stetson is going to be Major.
Woody is going to be Guess.

r. said...

I volunteer with Catahoula Rescue and I've seen your Stetson's profile online before. I'm glad to hear he found a great home! And if it makes you feel any better, that particular shelter has a relatively low euthanasia rate, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the Jack Russel pup will probably be okay. :-)

Christie M said...

R. thank you for your comment... that IS good to know! I think he is going to make a great dog for our family.

Christie M said...

We are back to Stetson... he just looks like a Stetson....So I think the final names are Stetson and Guess.

Jodie said...

Yes, DAWGS! Stetson is such a great name for a Texan (dawg, and he looks very handsome. The other cutie, Guess, looks like a "Popeye" or "Rowdy" or Re-Run" (since he will probably be trying to herd goats over and over)! I'm so happy all of the girlies are together with wonderful, loving and caring parents.
Your sister, Jodie (and Auntie)

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